A Time to Cook, 
to Eat and to Give Back

Do you love to cook? It seems that most people can be divided into two camps: those with a real passion for cooking, and those who prefer to just reap the rewards of their labor! I admire those with the desire and talent to lift cooking into an art. In these pages, you’ll read about Norman resident/entrepreneur Agi Lurtz who,…

Voice of the Heartland Competition

Promising young vocalists recently took part in the vocal competition "Voice of the Heartland" at the Southwind Hills Event Barn in Goldsby. The competition, created in 2015, doubles as a fundraiser to benefit the educational programs of the Sooner Theatre and 
The Studio of The Sooner Theatre of Norman.

Global Citizen Awards Gala

Two individuals with ties to Cleveland County were among those honored during the recent Global Citizen 2017 Awards Gala, hosted by the World Experiences Foundation, headquartered in Norman. The event, featuring multicultural entertainment, was held Nov. 9 at the Embassy Suites Downtown in Oklahoma City.

November 2017 Around Town

Women of the South recently added $100,000 to their charitable organization endowment fund through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The check presentation was made by Erica Stone, 2017-18 president, during the organization’s annual membership kickoff Aug. 25 at the Wheeler Ferris Wheel / Wheeler District in South Oklahoma City.

The Guitar Man

Beautiful as it is, the lure of the Oregon coast wasn’t enough to keep veteran Farrel Droke from his Oklahoma roots. After two years away, this past August he and his wife, Julie, returned to their longtime hometown of Norman, settling happily into a post-retirement routine that includes lots of music.

Workin’ Out to Boogie Beats

During Orangetheory Fitness Moore’s recent ’70s Day, members worked out to some boogie beats. Members also recently participated in the Moore War Run benefiting Moore High and Westmoore High students!

Giving Back to the Community

Noble McIntyre of McIntyre Law, with the assistance of the incredible support offered by over 100 member lawyers of the Oklahoma Association for Justice, a group composed of plaintiff attorneys across the state who have dedicated their careers to helping people injured as the result of another’s negligent conduct, has raised more than $500,000 over the past seven years to…

Nancy A. Brown, D.O.

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or one of the other musculoskeletal diseases/systemic autoimmune conditions commonly referred to as rheumatic diseases, you know how important it is to have a doctor you not only respect, but one with whom you feel comfortable.

From Machine Gun Kelly to the OKC Bombing

Machine Gun Kelly. Timothy McVeigh. Names like these are indelibly printed on the American psyche. Others, like Roger Dale Stafford or Gene Leroy Hart, are less familiar. All played crucial roles in some of Oklahoma’s worst examples of criminal infamy, recently documented by Kent Frates in his book, Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases.

Winterize Your Life

Winter is upon us once again. The days are shorter, the air is colder and the need to increase our self-care is here. The gray weather, freezing temperatures and shockingly cold wind can wreak havoc on our health if we’re not careful. Even though humans have learned to adapt to harsh weather, there are still steps we can take to…

Tulsa Time

If you haven’t visited T-Town in several years, now’s a great time. In addition to a plethora of entertainment and dining options, Tulsa lays claim to many unique shopping centers and boutiques, so you can have fun while getting your holiday shopping done!

Agi Lurtz Shares

This recipe for Hungarian Galuska and Pörkölt came from Agi Lurtz's mother, who grew up in Hungary, escaped the war, found a sponsor and became a naturalized American citizen. Agi says her mother typically made the beef version; however she often substitutes chicken as a healthier option and and because it requires far less prep and cooking time. Over the…


The holiday season is full of giving and gratitude. However, while you've been dreaming of an expensive new watch or picking up the perfect gift for your sister, some families are simply hoping for the basic necessities with which to feed and clothe their infants. This is where Infant Crisis Services comes in. With the community’s support, this nonprofit organization…

When Getting Tired and Sweaty Is a Good Thing

Cherie Pope has found her exercise niche at Orangetheory Fitness Moore. She writes: "My only regret since joining Orangetheory Fitness Moore is that I didn't join it when I first received the promotional ads. I belonged to another gym at that time and had hit a plateau. I was working out three to four days a week for several hours…

Look to the Library

A centerpiece for literature in the community, Norman Public Library West adds the sound of music for visitors on many occasions during the month. A favorite recurring event are the library’s monthly Lunch and Listen concerts. The free concerts, offered during the noon hour on the fourth Wednesday of the month, have been a big part of the library’s program…

Ready to Retire?

When it comes time to start withdrawing the money you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating in your retirement portfolio, you want to ensure that you make the right decisions. One that the government makes for you is requiring that you withdraw at least some of your funds annually, depending on your age and the account type. This is known as a…

Hops in the Kitchen

Stout Chocolate Brownies