Moore Chamber Welcomes Eight Businesses

Moore Chamber of Commerce welcomed to the community eight new businesses during April. Moore continues to be the home for expanding, relocating and new business.Businesses are in Moore unless indicated otherwise.

Amethyst Women’s Circle

On April 29, Rivendell on the Lake resident Joyce Mauldin hosted a social for the Amethyst Women's Circle, a fledgling group focused on making a difference in our community by funding scholarships for first-generation college students through the Oklahoma City Community College Foundation.

Interior Designers Strut Their Stuff

On April 21, the International Interior Design Association of OKC hosted an event at Gallardia Country Club featuring teams of interior designers, architects and students who turned a pair of materials used in interior design—tile, vinyl flooring, carpet, etc.— into an over-the-top outfit, then strutted them down a 160-foot runway.

Focus on Comics

Were you an avid comic book reader and collector as a kid? If you’re a guy, there’s a good chance you were; it’s less likely if you’re a member of the opposite sex. Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons for that—probably the main reasons being that most comic book heroes were male (yea, yea, there was Super Girl and Wonder…

Secret Garden Gala

Some of the best of the best of the Norman business community were feted at the April 20 Norman Chamber of 
Commerce's Annual Awards Banquet held at Lloyd Noble Center. The event's theme was "Secret Garden Gala."

Weight Loss Challenge

Orangetheory Fitness Moore recently held their Grand Opening Weight Loss Challenge party in which the first-, second- and third-place winners were announced. All participants lost a total of 384 pounds in just six weeks! Congratulations to everyone!

June 2017 Around Town

The International Interior Design Association of OKC on April 21 hosted a one-of-a-kind design-oriented event at Gallardia Country Club. Similar events are held in each state, and feature teams of interior designers, architects and students who each turn a pair of materials used in interior design—tile, vinyl flooring, carpet, etc.— into an over-the-top outfit. Then each outfit is strutted down…

Freeze Your Way

Loc Do and Shawn Tran, owners of ExpressCRYO, which opened March 22 in Moore, said they offer two types of therapy:


In February, Cleveland County Lifestyle publisher Jimmy Darden made a personal commitment to get physically fit. He chose Orangetheory Fitness in Moore to begin that journey. But after only a few sessions, Darden suffered what he calls “a freak knee injury”, and was sidelined for a time when he had to have surgery to repair a torn meniscus. On St.…

Meet Troy and Renee Bounds

Renee Bounds says that perhaps her new husband didn’t marry the love of his life when they tied the knot a few months ago. “When we got married, you’d think the highlight would have been marrying his soul mate, right?” she jokes. “But, really, it was getting to go to Morgan County Seed Company in Missouri on our honeymoon that…

Oklahoma Fertile Ground

When comic books first became popular in the 1930s, they were greeted with skepticism at best, and outrage at worst. Many failed to spot the potential impact of a fledgling art form that would continue to evolve and hook new readers for the better part of the century. Today, one need look no further than the Marvel movie franchises or…

Want to Buy Low and Sell High?

If you want the best deal when buying or selling your home, nothing beats the assistance of a qualified, professional Realtor. These benefits were on full display during a number of recent transactions in the Arbor Lakes development, in Norman’s far northwest corner.

Meet Brian Winkeler

Reading comics has been a 40-year love affair for 1992 University of Oklahoma B.F.A. alumnus Brian Winkeler, principal partner of the Oklahoma City branding, marketing and creative firm Robot House Creative. About 10 years ago, though, Winkeler decided to move beyond fandom to become a creative part of the worldwide, burgeoning field of graphic novels.

Tiny Homes

An enormous project undertaken by Food and Shelter Inc. and the community will offer new hope for some of Norman’s homeless. A new campus being constructed by Food and Shelter of Norman will feature 32 tiny homes, helping to meet the housing needs of several homeless families, while expanding the nonprofit’s already existing services, including a food kitchen, day services…


In this, our "Men's Issue," we take a look at comic books, or graphic novels as they are more commonly known today. Writing and reading about this evolving art form led me to think about my personal experiences with comics. I don't recall reading them very often (most often when visiting my male cousins), but I do remember wishing I…


A well-designed, masculine home can be stylish, strong and sophisticated without having to become that stereotypical bachelor pad. We all know that for almost as long as it's been around, interior design has had a definite focus on women. But in today’s design world, it's more than possible to create a space that's contemporary, classy and masculine. You just need…