Salud! Spotlighting Local Breweries and Wineries

What comes to mind when you think about quality beers? Germany? Bavaria? What about fine wine? France, or Napa Valley, perhaps? Proprietors of central Oklahoma breweries and wineries, some new and some well-established, hope you will begin to start thinking local when you head out to shop for a fine beer or wine to go with dinner or for gift-giving.

Designer Show House Deemed Success

The Second Annual Designer Show House attracted over 2,000 ​visitors, eager to see the latest styles in interior design. 
Proceeds benefited Free to Live Animal Sanctuary. Bright bold colors and prints were used throughout the home and anchored with soft materials like white marble and trim. ​

October 2016 Around Town

October brings spooks and scares, tricks and treats, and the library is bringing some trivia in its event “It’s Alive! Horror Movie Trivia Night” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12. Teens or adults will have their knowledge of horror movies from all eras tested. Registration is required in advance.

The Orr Family Farm

Looking for something special to do this fall with your family? Would your children enjoy an old-fashioned corn maze or hayride? Or for the more adventurous, what about a zombie apocalypse paintball game? Those activities, and much more, are offered this fall at the Orr Family Farm, 14400 South Western in Oklahoma City.

(405) Brewing Co.

I recently was invited to tour the (405) Brewing Co. facilities, a small building tucked away in Norman’s north industrial neighborhood. Owners and brewmeisters Trae Carson and Jonathan Stapleton gave me a tour of their humble brewery, where they brew, bottle, label and ship beer to liquor stores and restaurants throughout Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. It’s a self-contained system…

Boyer Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Jeff Boyer comes across as friendly, open and laid-back–qualities he hopes will be reciprocated by his human clients and their furry pets. “Dr. Jeff,” an associate veterinarian at Boyer Veterinary Clinic in south Oklahoma City, and his father, Dr. Ronald L. Boyer, also a veterinarian and owner of Boyer Veterinary Clinic, believe that relaxed owners help make for less-stressed…

Children and the ‘Money Talk’

Parents are making it a priority to pass down to their children the knowledge and tools necessary to responsibly handle a significant inheritance. They often feel their children’s values may become distorted by the comforts and benefits that wealth provides if not given the proper guidance. Ultimately, these parents fear the next generation will squander their wealth rather than use…

Royal Bavaria Brewery

When most patrons take a sip of any of the excellent beers produced on-site and served up at Royal Bavaria German Restaurant, Brewery and Beergarten, it’s unlikely they are thinking of the craftsmanship–or the science–that went into producing what is arguably the best German lager in Oklahoma. More than likely, all he or she is thinking is, “yum”!

Revolutions at HeyDay Entertainment

When bringing the kids on a family outing for some bowling, mini golf or laser tag, you can’t ignore the 21+ upstairs of HeyDay Entertainment. Revolutions, the bar plus bowling alley, pool hall and arcade, features specialty cocktails and a full menu to boot.

SW 29 District – La 29 Headquarters Inauguration

A large and enthusiastic turnout was reported for the Aug. 26 open house and ribbon-cutting celebration for the SW 29 District | La 29 New Headquarters. The SW 29th Street Business Improvement District Association serves the commercial corridor between South May Avenue and South Shields.

White, Red or Blush?

Like the wines they lovingly produce, each of the three wineries in Cleveland County is unique.

Supporting Women in Crisis

Organizers with the Women’s Resource Center and Evans Theatres, along with several other local individuals and groups, have joined forces to host a weeklong film festival and associated events Oct. 31 to Nov. 5 featuring well-known actor and WRC supporter Ed Harris.