Tulsa Time

If you haven’t visited T-Town in several years, now’s a great time. In addition to a plethora of entertainment and dining options, Tulsa lays claim to many unique shopping centers and boutiques, so you can have fun while getting your holiday shopping done!

Crystal Bridges Adventure

Where can you go to experience glorious fall foliage, enjoy first-rate cuisine, explore architectural treasures by Frank Lloyd Wright, Moshe Safdie and Buckminster Fuller, and view hundreds of masterpieces by American artists from over the past 500 years? It’s all available in one remarkable package: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Branson, Missouri

The drive from Springfield to Branson, Missouri, is pretty and peaceful, with rolling green hills, redbud trees, and miles of limestone walls resembling castles without windows. Residents say it's one of the rockiest places in the country, and they joke that "it takes a stick of dynamite to plant a tree." This beautiful part of Missouri didn't attract farming, but…


Since the Oct. 31, 2016, opening of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile: bakery, deli restaurant and general store, 900,000 people from 50 states and 20 countries have found their way to the tiny town of Pawhuska. The crowds are coming for Ree Drummond's delicious food and downhome atmosphere, and they don't mind waiting to get in the door. Her fans feel…

A Stop on Adventure Road

They call it Adventure Road: 130 acres of Oklahoma highway spanning the Red River to Oklahoma City. Responding to its siren call, my niece Lindsey Davies (also our photographer), her husband, Evan, my sister Lori Hanna, and I set out early one June morning, headed south toward Sulphur.