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 Best of the BEST from Oklahoma Cookbook  Edited by Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley  QuailRidge.com

Children’s Books Travel

 Article and Photography Christian Potts  Cute kids and cute animals are sure to lead to smiles. And books about animals written for kids are pretty much a natural.  Everyone knows the classics, like Charlotte’s Web, Old Yeller, or even The Cat in the Hat. But great new works come out on almost a daily basis and can be tough to…

From Machine Gun Kelly to the OKC Bombing

Machine Gun Kelly. Timothy McVeigh. Names like these are indelibly printed on the American psyche. Others, like Roger Dale Stafford or Gene Leroy Hart, are less familiar. All played crucial roles in some of Oklahoma’s worst examples of criminal infamy, recently documented by Kent Frates in his book, Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases.

Meet Brian Winkeler

Reading comics has been a 40-year love affair for 1992 University of Oklahoma B.F.A. alumnus Brian Winkeler, principal partner of the Oklahoma City branding, marketing and creative firm Robot House Creative. About 10 years ago, though, Winkeler decided to move beyond fandom to become a creative part of the worldwide, burgeoning field of graphic novels.

Mestizos Come Home!

Robert Con “R.C.” Davis-Undiano, whose father was a native of Mexico, his mother from Oklahoma, has long been aware of the racial stereotypes and misconceptions about Mexican Americans and Latinos held by many Americans. And while race-based fallacies and assumptions disturbed him, he didn’t consider these issues to rise to a level of urgent importance.

Frederic Remington and the American West

The Old West. For many of us, the term conjures up romantic (if largely unrealistic) visions of sitting around the campfire at night during a long cattle drive, relaxing as a cowboy sends mournful notes out across the vast expanse with his harmonica while coyotes howl an accompaniment in the distance; a sheriff poised for the draw against a desperate…