Dear Neighbors,

Sitting here writing this letter, almost a month before you receive this issue, and it is the beginning of January and hard to believe we are at the beginning of a new decade. February also marks the beginning of our fifth year with you. As from the very start, this magazine is here to serve … Continued

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone got off to a great start to the new year!  Did you make a resolution to get more physically fit or to eat more healthfully? You’ll want to read about a local attorney’s journey toward a higher level of fitness, thanks to the support, encouragement and fun she enjoys at a local fitness center, … Continued

Happy Holidays!

As I write this, it’s still a bit shy of Thanksgiving. The lighted holiday wreaths have gone up on Main Street, and the parking lots are filling up as the early shoppers hit the stores. In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, however, I’ve moved into the slow lane. Not because I wanted to, … Continued

A Time of Remembrance

This picture was taken when this magazine began four years ago, so I thought it was fitting to lead off this letter of Thanksgiving. Recently, on July 28th, I woke up just like any other morning to care for my Dad, but as I touched his cheek, I realized he was gone from this earth. … Continued

Attention, Foodies and Beer Lovers!

If you enjoy fine cuisine, as well as other well-prepared food, and/or love trying out different types of brews, this is your issue! In our main feature, we shine the spotlight on Cleveland County’s growing craft beer business, which was fanned with the recent passing of State Question 792, allowing wine and all beer to … Continued


Our cover story this month is on a personal injury law firm that is devoted to helping clients and their families navigate the devastating physical, financial and emotional healing processes necessary when catastrophic injury, or sadly sometimes death, occurs as the result of another’s negligent actions. In this piece, you’ll ready about the emphasis McIntyre … Continued

Kids and Pets!

Few things can make us laugh and smile as much. Just look at YouTube, where videos of babies and children and all manner of animals number in the thousands. Maybe because they are so natural and true to themselves. Maybe its their innocence and joie de vivre. Certainly, there’s plenty of slapstick humor to be … Continued

Welcome to Summer!

As I write this, we’re still in the middle of a very wet and volatile spring. I’ll be glad to get past prime tornado season, but I’m not really a hot-weather aficionado, either. Still, there’s lots to do in our readership area during the summer. We’ve included some information on several Independence Day celebrations and, … Continued

Welcome to our Men’s Issue!

In one of our two feature stories, three of this area’s movers and shakers share some of their thoughts on the future of Cleveland County whilst sipping a selection of whiskeys and enjoying the ambiance of Volare on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. This amiable gentlemen’s discussion was the brainchild of Cleveland County Lifestyle publisher … Continued

To the Ladies,

In May, Cleveland County Lifestyle salutes the many outstanding ladies in our community. The role played by women here, as elsewhere, all too often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. First, I’d like to tip my hat (or would, if I had one!) to all the moms (past, present and to-be). Mothering is one of the toughest … Continued

Greetings, friends and neighbors!

In this, our “Eco” issue, we have several stories about how some of our local businesses are helping us reduce our carbon footprint in different ways. In one, a custom home builder talks about their whole-house approach to constructing a home that’s not only beautiful and comfortable but will make you smile when you get your … Continued

Home Sweet Home

As I write this, we’re experiencing a couple of days of moderately warm temperatures before sliding back down into the usual, chillier winter pattern. But when this issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle hits your mailbox, spring—in all its colorful, tumultuous glory—will be here. It seems only appropriate that the theme for this issue centers on … Continued

Hello, Cleveland County!

I cannot believe we concluded our third year in January and are beginning our fourth this month! It has been my honor to serve you these past three years on the pages of our magazine! Our mission is simple: we hope to play a small role in helping the community flourish by producing a quality … Continued

Welcome to 2019!

Happy New Year!  During this time of reflection and hopes for the new year, I recently found myself pondering happenstance, specifically regarding my experiences as a freelance writer and editor. A little over three years ago, as I was heading to OKC to interview for a position as editor of a trade magazine, a friend called to tell … Continued

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again! Convenience stores are again offering pumpkin spice-flavored coffee. The department stores are now playing their Christmas play lists and have placed their holiday decorations on the shelves, along with the products they hope will be high on people’s gift lists. Folk are gearing up to throw and/or attend holiday parties.  I know there … Continued

It’s Autumn!

At this writing, the temperatures are still in the 90s and the grass still needs mowed, but the coming days show promise of cooler weather. Already, the ancient pecan tree in my backyard is dropping its multitude of leaves upon my backyard and patio, and I’ll soon need to get out the rake. I don’t mind, … Continued

Bon Appetite!

If you’re a “Foodie” (like me), you’ll almost certainly find this one of our “tastier” issues!  In our main feature, the Chefs’ Roundtable, three noted chefs from our readership area share their favorite dishes to make, along with the recipes for them! The most time-consuming entree to prepare, and the most unusual, is the Wild Boar Ragu … Continued

Fashion, Oklahoma Style

In August, we held our second-ever fashion photo shoot at a beautiful upscale brownstone in the heart of Oklahoma City’s Deep Deuce district. Though of a smaller scale than our 2016 photo shoot at the Montford Inn, we drew on several of our previous participants, including Cayman’s Clothiers, who supplied three complete outfits complete with … Continued

Welcome to our “Kids and Pets” issue!

Children and dogs. What’s not to like about an issue devoted to these two popular topics? In our cover story, we shine the light on several individuals and couples who say their relationship with their four-legged canine family members has brought them joy, increased their activity level, and even, in one case, provided invaluable medical … Continued

Fun in the Sun

Well, summer’s officially upon us. And in Oklahoma, that generally means heat, heat, heat. And yes, some like it hot, though I doubt there are too many out there who enjoy 100 degrees F. or above, which is not uncommon here. Still, there’s plenty of things to do in Cleveland County (and the surrounding area), … Continued

To Our Male Readers,

Welcome to our “Gents” issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle! We’ve packed this issue full of stories we hope will be of interest to our male readers (and our female ones, as well). In our Hot Spot column, writer Staci Elder Hensley checks out some of Norman’s hottest “guy’s hangouts”: Hollywood Corners, an historic gasoline station/general … Continued

To the Ladies

This, the May issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle, is dedicated to the ladies, or women, as my activist mother preferred to be called. Before continuing, I’d like to say THANK YOU and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to those of you out there who are blessed with sons and daughters, be they children or adults. Although I’m … Continued

Loving Our Planet

April! It’s one of my favorite months. The temperatures are still mild. The grass is turning green, while tender young leaves and buds are sprouting on trees and bushes, including those joyful heralds of the season: the electric-yellow forsythia.

March 2018 Lifestyle Letter

When Mike and Teresa Collins, then living in the Boston/D.C. area, decided they wanted to move to Norman, where Mike has fond memories of growing up, they lucked out in at least two ways. One, they found a reputable custom builder—Alan Cheshier with Muirfield Homes—who was able to successfully and smoothly transform their ideas of their “dream” home into a…


Wowzer! Another new year is underway, and with it comes the opportunity to start anew, whether that means kicking off a new fitness and health regimen or taking up a new skill or hobby such as yoga or learning a new language. Did you make any resolutions for 2018, and if so, what?

Season’s Greetings

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I hope you’re taking time out to enjoy this special time of year. Perhaps you’re dreading those trips to the mall, where you’ll battle for space with other stressed-out shoppers, all still searching for the ideal gifts for those on their shopping list. (Tip: peruse our first-ever Holiday Shopping Guide…

A Time to Cook, 
to Eat and to Give Back

Do you love to cook? It seems that most people can be divided into two camps: those with a real passion for cooking, and those who prefer to just reap the rewards of their labor! I admire those with the desire and talent to lift cooking into an art. In these pages, you’ll read about Norman resident/entrepreneur Agi Lurtz who,…

Autumn Time for 
Tailgates and Road Trips

Shorter days and cooler temperatures. Trees and bushes covered in a riot of multi-hued leaves. These are just a few of the heralds of autumn. In Sooner Country, the arrival of autumn also means University of Oklahoma football and, for some, the long-awaited tailgate party. On home football gamedays, Sooner Village and other venues across campus hum with activity as…

What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

If you were to design your own dream house, what would it look like? What features would you include? Would it look similar to others in your community, or something entirely different? In this, our Design Issue, we feature two houses that are quite differently stylistically.

Washing the Dust Off Our Souls

The great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is credited with stating, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” We in Cleveland County are extraordinarily fortunate to have close at hand a wealth of artists—painters and sculptors, vocalists and instrumentalists, writers and poets, and so many more—who are helping us keep our souls shiny and…

What’s Your Idea 
of Adventure?

What’s your idea of adventure? Are water sports your thing? Perhaps you like to sail or water ski or scuba dive? Or perhaps you share with many other Oklahomans a deep love for fishing, always hoping to catch that elusive big fish? Or maybe your tastes run more toward hiking or camping?

Focus on Comics

Were you an avid comic book reader and collector as a kid? If you’re a guy, there’s a good chance you were; it’s less likely if you’re a member of the opposite sex. Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons for that—probably the main reasons being that most comic book heroes were male (yea, yea, there was Super Girl and Wonder…

Happy May!

Happy May! This month, Americans celebrate a plethora of holidays and special events, including May Day, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day, as well as high school and college convocations and commencements. This also is a busy month here at home, with events ranging from the Rose Rock Music Festival to the May Fair. Check out our calendar…

April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to our Spring issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle. We’ve pulled together an interesting, if eclectic, mix of features and columns this month for your reading pleasure. Are you a golfer? If so, you’ll want to read about a country club and golf course in south Oklahoma City that’s been called one of the area’s best-kept secrets, though that’s not…

Defining Modern

In this issue, you will read about modern trends in upscale homes, as well as tips from an interior designer on ways to incorporate modern features into a room without the need to start from scratch or entirely moving away from the traditional look long favored in Oklahoma.

What Were Your 
New Year’s Resolutions?

Did you make any resolutions for the New Year? Improving one’s health and fitness are at the top of many people’s lists, and in this issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle, we address the various ways our neighbors and friends are tackling those resolutions. In one story, you’ll find out what various community leaders are planning in 2017 to boost their…

Celebrating the Holidays in Style, and More!

What are fashionable people in central Oklahoma wearing to holiday celebrations this year? We threw a little “party” of our own recently to offer our readers some inspiration. It took the form of a photo session, but not just any photo session! The main event was, of course, the photo shoot featuring local women modeling stylish holiday apparel from Cayman’s…

Seeking Adventure Along the 
Oklahoma River

What is it about fall that makes us want to take to the road in search of adventure? Like Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic tales set in Middle Earth, autumn is when I most feel the desire to grab a sturdy walking stick and set out for parts unknown in search of amazing new sights and thrills,…

Salud! Spotlighting Local Breweries and Wineries

What comes to mind when you think about quality beers? Germany? Bavaria? What about fine wine? France, or Napa Valley, perhaps? Proprietors of central Oklahoma breweries and wineries, some new and some well-established, hope you will begin to start thinking local when you head out to shop for a fine beer or wine to go with dinner or for gift-giving.

For the Love of Pets

Whether you’re a “dog” or “cat” person—or even a horse, bird or other pet enthusiast—you know how that furry, feathered or even scaly critter can steal your heart. For many of us, our pets are family. In this issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle, we share stories of pampered pooches competing for best of breed, of working dogs that are helping…

Of Entrepreneurs and Wander Lust

Oklahomans are known far and wide for their friendliness and hospitality. The entrepreneurial spirit also is alive and well here, as evidenced by area residents who, armed with a passion and skill for cooking or crafting beautiful things, took that next big step and launched a business. We've featured a few of them in this issue.

Traveling and Celebrating Our Independence

Are you enjoying your summer so far? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Oklahoma summers–unless I have a large body of water (swimming pool, creek, lake or at least a wading pool!)–close by in which to douse myself from time to time.

No Shortage of 
Summer Entertainment

Whoo-hoo! Summer is here, at last! For many of us, this is a time to carve out some “me” or family downtime, depending on one’s current circumstances.

New or Flipped, 
Homebuyers Seek 
Originality in Their Homes

What constitutes a beautiful house? With homes, as with faces and figures, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and what was considered distinguished or elegant at one time may now be seen as tacky or outdated. In this issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle, we examine which features today’s homebuyers are searching for in their ideal home, whether…

Good Stewards 
of the Earth

Welcome to our “Green” issue, devoted to both definitions of “green”: the symbolic color of environmentalism and sustainability, and the color most commonly associated with nature and growth. The theme is a timely one, as April 22 is celebrated nationwide as Earth Day. In this issue, you will find stories on how to be a good citizen of Earth–one being…

The Arts and This Unique County

Our theme for this issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle is “The Arts.” There are so many arts-related activities occurring year-round in this county, the problem wasn’t finding story ideas, but rather which to feature! That’s a nice dilemma to face. Norman’s Medieval Fair, now in its 40th year, has become the state’s largest weekend event and the third-largest event in…

Tis the Season 
for Love

In this, our inaugural issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle, we explore the long and storied connection between chocolate and Valentine’s Day. In our cover story, Staci Elder Hensley writes that, last year, nearly 55 percent of women and 52 percent of men purchased candy for their significant other, spending $1.7 billion in the process. It’s entirely possible those percentages are…