Operation School Bell

 Article Lindsey Davies | Photography Lisa Gerard  Assistance League Norman  809 Wall St.

Orthodontics Practice Partners With Nonprofit

 Article Jerri Culpepper  A beautiful smile. It can be the tie-breaker in a job interview, a determining factor in attracting friends, and even play a role in how trustworthy you are viewed. Seen from another point of view, a beautiful smile reflects the giver’s confidence and self-esteem.  But for those, especially children and teens, with crowded and crooked teeth, attaining…

Got Time?

 Article Lindsey Davies  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma – Norman  502 East Main St., Norman


 Article Lindsey Davies  A sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge and safety. For women without a place to call home, the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City offers both through sanctuaries located in the OKC metro. Homelessness affects all aspects of life, and when its numerous causes are not addressed together, many women remain mired in…

earth rebirth

Earth Rebirth, a nonprofit with a focus on educating and empowering individuals to take food, energy and water into their own hands, strives to bridge the gap between economic and environmental problems. The organization offers several community-based programs. With the recent addition of a mobile unit, Andrew Sartain, Earth Rebirth founder and president, said they are expanding their efforts statewide and…

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

The statistics are staggering: Oklahoma is one of the hungriest states in the nation: one in six Oklahomans may not know where their next meal is coming from. One in four children suffer from hunger, and Oklahoma is ranked 51st (behind the District of Columbia) in summer feeding. While these numbers can seem overwhelming, an organization exists close by that…

Giving Abandoned Dogs and Cats

There’s no doubt about it; our pets are a part of our family. But the love and compassion we show them begins before we bring them home. When a new puppy or kitten is purchased from a breeder or at a pet store, another animal without a home is passed up. Lack of widespread spaying and neutering means there will…

CASP’s Be Fit Club

Childhood obesity is a growing problem across the nation, and Oklahoma is no exception. Excess calorie intake and physical inactivity contribute to obesity, which is associated with some of the leading preventable chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

Norman Arts Council

When you think of the holiday season, what comes to mind? Do you have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head? Or how about a beautiful rendition of “White Christmas” playing while you browse a local gallery opening? What would the holidays be without the arts? The Norman Arts Council makes sure your holiday season is filled with one-of-a-kind sounds,…


The holiday season is full of giving and gratitude. However, while you've been dreaming of an expensive new watch or picking up the perfect gift for your sister, some families are simply hoping for the basic necessities with which to feed and clothe their infants. This is where Infant Crisis Services comes in. With the community’s support, this nonprofit organization…

The Assistance League of Norman

It’s that time of year again; holiday happenings are all around. But before you book up your holiday season, plan on attending a couple events that are sure to offer a good time while also benefiting your community. I recently spoke with Stephanie Clinton, president-elect of the Assistance League Norman, about the nonprofit, which was founded in 1974 and is…

Full Circle Adult Day Care Center

Full Circle Adult Day Center fills a much-needed role in our community, offering the elderly and adults with disabilities a range of mental, physical and social health services while providing assistance to their families, which allows them in turn to take care of themselves and remain full members of society. I spoke with Patricia Ingram, executive director of Full Circle,…

Energy FC Working to Unite

Team sports provide youth with an outlet to work off extra energy, learn teamwork and focus on a common goal. While there are many sports programs available, Energy FC provides youth a way to engage in team sports and meet some of their sports heroes. Through various community programs, Energy FC reaches out to young athletes with disabilities, raises money…

Bethesda Inc.

Among the most challenging issues facing society today are those that involve sexual abuse, especially in children. Unfortunately, because the topic is considered taboo, cases all too often go unreported. And even when a victim or other witness does come forward seeking intervention and help, most communities are ill-prepared to address the situation.

Tiny Homes

An enormous project undertaken by Food and Shelter Inc. and the community will offer new hope for some of Norman’s homeless. A new campus being constructed by Food and Shelter of Norman will feature 32 tiny homes, helping to meet the housing needs of several homeless families, while expanding the nonprofit’s already existing services, including a food kitchen, day services…

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring. A time of renewed hope and energy. A time when the great outdoors start to look inviting again after many months of cold temperatures, early sunsets and cloudy days. A bike ride may be just what you need to get out and enjoy the first signs of spring. Or perhaps cleaning your flower pots and shovels puts you in…

The Sooner Theatre

For more information on the Sooner Theatre, including a calendar of upcoming events, visit soonertheatre.org/# The Sooner Theatre: It’s not “community theatre; it’s theatre for the community,” declares Nancy Coggins, the organization’s public relations and development director. That distinction, along with the nonprofit’s frequent collaborations with other arts organizations in the community, truly makes this theater one of the cornerstones…

Mark Your Calendar

In Oklahoma alone, over 15,000 people suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive neurologic disorder affecting movement by causing tremors, rigidity, slow movement and balance issues, but it also affects every other part of the body as well. It's a debilitating disease, and currently there are no treatment options available to stop the progression, nor is there is there a cure.

Christmas Store of Cleveland County

Thanks to the Christmas Store of Cleveland County, countless area low-income families enjoy a more joyous holiday season. The store is a community project involving hundreds of people who donate their energies and resources in return for the opportunity to shop for gifts.The program, nearing five decades of existence, has become an example for similar programs across the country.

Supporting Women in Crisis

Organizers with the Women’s Resource Center and Evans Theatres, along with several other local individuals and groups, have joined forces to host a weeklong film festival and associated events Oct. 31 to Nov. 5 featuring well-known actor and WRC supporter Ed Harris.

For the Love of Dogs

Former University of Oklahoma head football coach Barry Switzer and his wife, Becky, like many people, love dogs. Like countless others in this country and around the world, they consider their four-legged, furry housemates family.

Meals on Wheels of Norman

In 2015, Meals on Wheels of Norman delivered 66,242 meals to 675 frail of health and home-bound citizens. A total of 17,050 hours were donated by dedicated volunteers.

A Unique Partnership

Partnership can be a beautiful thing, especially when two worthy groups come together to work on a solution to a valuable cause. Nonprofits have many amazing assets, but partnering with university students can open up infinite opportunities. In 2014, volunteers with the Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity teamed up with faculty in the Division of Construction Science in the University…

Meet Cathy Billings: Community Mental Health Center’s New Director

The Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center was the first facility of its kind in the United States. During the administration of President John F. Kennedy, federal and state funds were used to build and staff COCMHC under the Community Mental Health Act of 1963. COCMHC offers mental health and substance abuse services to children, youth, adults and families. All…