Tis the Season

For many people, it’s just not the holidays until they’ve tasted some peanut brittle. Scotty Jackson, owner and operator of Appletree Chocolate, located on Campus Corner in Norman, offers the following recipe so you can whip up a batch in your own kitchen—for you and your family to enjoy or for holiday gift-giving.

A Culinary Journey at Grey Sweater

What’s in a name? In the case of Grey Sweater, everything. 

A Cocktail to Beat the Summer Heat

To cool off this summer, try this delectable recipe for Strawberry-Basil Smash using Cantera Negra Silver tequila from Boardwalk Distribution mixologist Kristen Roelofsen. Ask for Cantera Negra Silver tequila at your local liquor store.

Redrock Canyon Grill’s

Let's face it. When the north wind blows and the local TV station meteorologists crack out their special winter weather jargon (think ice quakes), it may take more than just the promise of good food to force many of us out of our warm, comfortable homes.

Holiday Recipe

La Baguette is known far and wide for its delectable desserts, as well as their quiches and other main dishes, salads and soups. Owner Rudy Khouri shares with our readers their recipe for the iconic Thanksgiving pie, but with a twist. This one includes bourbon! If you're short on time, feel free to just order one or more of these…

Food Styling 101

 Photography Ryan Lassiter with Defining Image  Benvenuti’s Ristorante Chef Anthony Compagni, known far and wide for his "artful, understated dining" concepts, shares with readers this recipe for Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis (serves 8). Try it yourself, and awe your family and friends. Benvenuti's is located at 105 W. Main St. in Norman. For more information, visit BenvenutisRistorante.com.…

Grilling the Perfect Steak

 Article Jerri Culpepper | Photography Ryan Lassiter at Defining Image  There’s nothing like the flavor of a quality steak cooked on the grill—at least, if it’s cooked correctly! I think most of us have been disappointed to cut into a grilled steak, only to find it either under-cooked or overcooked and tough.  Whether you’re planning a special Fourth of July…

From the Streets of Cairo

I’m Egyptian, but was born and raised in Qatar. Kushari is the first dish I had on the street in Cairo the first time I went out with my cousins when I was 12 years old. They sold it in a plastic bag. You had to puncture the bag and squeeze the food out of it into your mouth. It…

Made From ‘Scratch’

Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails takes the craft of cocktails to a level not often found in Oklahoma, making dozens of syrups and liqueurs in-house and using only fresh-squeezed juices. In the kitchen, Scratch makes nearly everything from, well, scratch, from the ketchup and mayonnaise to the stocks and sauces. Whether dining in their historic building or attending an event at…

Oh So Good!

Mike Sikes, owner of Oliveto Italian Bistro in Moore, where “neighborhood dining meets Italian bistro,” kindly agreed to share with our readers the recipe for one of the fine dining establishment’s favorite dishes, Pepperoni Pizza, along with the recipe for one of their signature cocktails, the Flirtini, that would pair well with this dish.

From Benvenuti’s Ristorante

The holidays are upon us, and for many, that means precious time spent in the kitchen, preparing meals, desserts and cocktails for sit-down dinners, parties large and small, and of course, drop-in guests.

Royal Bavaria’s Andy Gmeiner

One of the best-known specialties of Viennese cuisine, Wiener Schnitzel is a very thin breaded and pan-fried cutlet traditionally made with veal. The Wiener Schnitzel is one of the national dishes of Austria. A popular variation is made with pork instead of veal, in part because pork is cheaper than veal.

Simply Delicious

Nosh:A Yiddish word meaning to eat food enthusiastically. And that's just what Nosh's customers do, whether they choose to dine in at the cozy restaurant located in Moore; select to take their favorite dishes home via the popular "take-and-bake" option; or order up their selections to be catered at a special occasion or business event. Among Nosh's signature homemade-style meals…