Our cover story this month is on a personal injury law firm that is devoted to helping clients and their families navigate the devastating physical, financial and emotional healing processes necessary when catastrophic injury, or sadly sometimes death, occurs as the result of another’s negligent actions. In this piece, you’ll ready about the emphasis McIntyre Law P.C. president and managing partner Noble McIntyre places on hiring women interested in law careers. Three of these attorneys took part in a recent fashion photo shoot that showcases their personal style flair.

In another story, you’ll learn how a local nonprofit, Suited for Success, is helping low-income women prepare for that all-important job interview, as well as offering other means to help them achieve self-sufficiency. 

Other stories focus on a range of topics, including a student-run food pantry that is providing free food and other goods to members of the University of Oklahoma community who are in need of assistance and a local clinic that helps clients look and feel their best with services that include bioidentical hormone therapy and medical weight loss.

Make sure you also look for the column inside on how a financial adviser can help to ensure you don’t outlive your money, a concern for many.

Longtime area residents also may get a kick out of our piece on the old Schwab Mansion in Moore and the beautiful sculpture that used to grace its grounds. The building, sadly, is no more, but the “Naked Ladies” (see associated photo on this page) sculpture still stands.

Of course, those are just some of the highlights of what you will find inside. Enjoy!


Jimmy Darden