With Your Dog

These are buzz words as of late—“Healthy Lifestyle”— but they can mean so many things! It can mean anything from getting more rest, to intermittent fasting and eating more vegetables, to exercising three to five times per week, depending on who you talk to. 

But let’s focus on a particular area involving a healthy lifestyle that includes your pet! Studies show that the bond between a dog and its owner can rival any other bond, including siblings, a spouse and even the kids! If that’s so, then living a healthy lifestyle with your pet has potential to benefit both owner and dog … win-win!

Take it from me, the veterinarian, there are far too many pets living overweight, eating inconsistent uncontrolled diets, having little to no regular exercise, and not socializing on a consistent basis, all of which contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle typically mirroring that of their owner. So why not take a look at some of the easy things to improve the health and well-being of both pet and owner?

I’ve listed my four “basics” below. These basic things may sound simple, but they are the building blocks for a happy, content and fun filled life with your pet, while you both enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Jeff Boyer, D.V.M. (aka “Dr. Jeff”), is co-proprietor (with his father, Ron Boyer, D.V.M.), and a veterinarian at Boyer Veterinary Clinic. In addition to his human family, he has two dogs and a cat.


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