Men Bear Out Famous Novelist’s Assertion

Famed detective novelist Raymond Chandler once said: “There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.”

Keeping that thought in mind, a group of Cleveland County Lifestyle’s friends recently set out to discover if Chandler’s praise for one of the most popular beverages in the world is true.

Without divulging how long it took or how much whiskey was drained from glasses before deciding, Chandler appears to have been correct.

Sitting down at Volare restaurant on Norman’s Campus Corner to test Chandler’s whiskey theory, along with magazine publisher Jimmy Darden, were well-known local attorney Noble McIntyre, popular area dentist Tim Shannon and the owner of three of the county’s finest restaurants, executive chef and restaurateur Anthony Compagni.

At the table with them were three bottles of whiskey awaiting expert judgment:

·       2Bar Bourbon, named after the Seattle, Washington, distillery where it’s made

·       Smoke & Sea Straight Bourbon Whiskey, produced by Oppidan Distillers in Wheeling, Illinois

·       Lone Elm Small Batch Texas Straight Wheat Whiskey, made by Five Points Distilling in Forney, Texas

Now, everyone knows you can’t judge whiskey without good conversation. So, amid sips, there was a lot of discussion about the future of Cleveland County and its varied communities.

By the time that was done—along with an assortment of appetizers from Compagni’s kitchen—the verdict was close, but unanimous. And the winner was … wait for it … Lone Elm!

Revealing a “smoky,” “spicy,” “nutty” flavor and a “smoother” taste, Lone Elm, from that state just south of Oklahoma that will go unnamed, produced a “fuller” taste that was “the most flavorable,” according to all four judges.

Smoke and & Sea came in second because of its “lingering, warmer smoky taste,” which contained tastes of “vanilla” and “chocolate.”

2Bar came in third, not because it wasn’t fine bourbon, but in every competition there is a last place.

However, all the blends were given high marks because, as Chandler famously noted … there is no such thing as a bad whiskey.

Ask at your liquor store for one or more of these fine whiskeys.


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