Whether you love to drive or prefer to let someone else do it for you, sometimes the best travel alternative is not a car or SUV, but a …. jet!

And whether your destination is a business conference, family getaway or other activity, Private Jets Inc. offers fliers comfortable, upscale surroundings, in-flight catering and much more.

For travelers considering a private flight, Private Jets Inc. president Eric Wells has advice on how to get the most out of their investment.

“Our customers charter private flights for a variety of reasons, one of which is traveling to popular locations in remote areas,” says Wells. “Some of the most popular vacation locations are hours away from larger regional or international airports, and chartering a private flight can be a worthy investment to avoid wasting time on multiple plane changes and driving for hours after you’ve landed.”

Wells says the services of Private Jets Inc., founded in 1987, are like a custom-tailored suit because—thanks to their team of hospitality experts who stand ready to arrange hotels, ground transportation and all the other details of your trip—they will work to fit your needs to the t.

Wells notes that Private Jets Inc. acquired its first aircraft in 1995. The company continues to operate an impressive fleet with Lears, Citations, Hawkers, Beechjets, Challengers and a Cirrus SR22 among their ever-expanding fleet, which in addition to Oklahoma City’s Wiley Post Airport also are located at three airports in Texas (Austin, Houston and San Antonio) and two in Florida (Naples and St. Augustine). The jets can carry as few as three people and as many as nine.

“Private flights have many advantages that amount to time saved,” notes Wells. “Charter flights can often fly directly to the destination, and passengers can avoid airport parking, waiting in line checking bags and standing in long security lines, all of which adds to the value of flying private.”

Earn Your Wings

If you travel frequently, Private Jets Inc.’s Thunder Wings Jet Card program can offer you significant savings over standard retail rates. Ideal for the sophisticated buyer of charter travel, customers can pay in advance for travel and enjoy discounted rates.

For more information, visit PrivateJetsinc.com