A ‘Sip of Hope’ for Your Health 4

New Valentus Products Include the ‘World’s Healthiest Coffee’

Coffee lovers, take note! If you need to lose a few pounds and you’re a java junkie, there’s a new product that can help. It’s called SlimROAST Optimum, and people around the globe are successfully using it to shed unwanted pounds and boost their overall health. It’s manufactured in the United States and shipped around the world by Valentus, a Utah-based firm that offers a variety of health-promoting refreshments.

Mia McCurdy, R.N., is a leading Valentus distributor based out of Norman. She’s been selling the products for approximately two years and has seen great results for herself and for her clients. The nutrient-dense Optimum coffee, which debuted in May 2018, has been an instant hit and is now her largest seller.

Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, there are multiple factors that make Optimum coffee a healthy drink, McCurdy said. First, it’s much less acidic. The average coffee registers a 5.0 pH level; Optimum is much more alkaline, at 7.5 percent. That makes it easier on the stomach and digestive tract. Optimum also has a thermogenesis effect, meaning it dissolves the deeper layers of fat around the internal organs. It’s this type of “entrenched” fat that’s the most dangerous, since it causes inflammation that can lead to heart disease, organ damage and other major health problems. Also, all Valentus products, including Optimum, are free of gluten, GMO, pesticides and chemicals.

“Being a nurse of 23 years, it’s really important to me that the products are safe and that there’s 100 percent integrity in how they’re manufactured,” McCurdy said. “I personally believe that food today is lacking in trace minerals and nutrients, and because of this lack we’re getting sicker as a society. This is my solution.”

McCurdy said that the coffee also has a positive neurological impact. “You can feel the lift in your mood and energy level about 15 minutes after you drink it,” she said. “It improves your nitric oxide level, which increases oxygen delivery to your organs. It’s great for before workouts because of that. Optimum basically gives your brain the same boost as sugar. Ever since I’ve been using it I am craving healthier items, like fruits and vegetables, and junk food has lost most of its appeal.”

Optimum is available in standard, Italian and Brazilian varieties. Since its debut, McCurdy said sales have skyrocketed locally and nationally. One of her clients reported a 70-pound weight loss; another couple lost nearly 200 pounds combined. Other customers are dropping weight rapidly, and McCurdy said she’s personally lost 27 pounds.

McCurdy offers a $20, six-day sample packet through her Facebook page, Rejuvenate Your Health. The average cost runs $66 (including shipping) for a packet of 30 servings. The company’s recommendation is to drink one cup a day, six days a week, although some people drink an extra cup in the evenings. From an economic standpoint, “It’s quite a good deal, especially if you were spending $3 to $4 a day at Starbucks,” McCurdy said.

Along with coffee, Valentus offers a full line of drinks, including an immunity-enhancing antioxidant, energy boosters, a nutrient absorption supplement, detoxifying formulas, a KETO creamer, and several non-coffee appetite suppressants and weight loss boosters. There’s even a special Prevail K-9 formula, to give your dog a boost.

More about Optimum coffee and Valentus products in general is available on McCurdy’s Facebook page, at optimum.coffee or by contacting McCurdy directly at 694.5414.