As I write this, we’re experiencing a couple of days of moderately warm temperatures before sliding back down into the usual, chillier winter pattern. But when this issue of Cleveland County Lifestyle hits your mailbox, spring—in all its colorful, tumultuous glory—will be here.

It seems only appropriate that the theme for this issue centers on the home. It’s the season to give your domicile a deep spring cleaning and to throw open those windows and let in some fresh air. It’s also an exciting time for gardeners, who can’t wait to get down and dirty in their gardens.

There’s a lot inside this issue, too much to detail here, but following are some teasers that we hope will entice you to take some time out of your busy schedule to read about.

–        Situated in Oklahoma City’s Deep Deuce District is a beautiful Urban Modern Brownstone that offers a panoramic view of most of downtown. Take a behind-the-scenes look at this three-story home custom built by Muirfield Homes by Alan Cheshier.

–        In contrast, the 119-year-old Moore-Lindsay Historic House Museum in Norman has seen every historic and cultural event of the 20th century, including Oklahoma becoming the 46th state in the union. If you have not toured the museum, you’ll want to put that on your spring to-do list. (The photo of the ornate door knob accompanying this letter is from the museum.)

–        So, you’ve finished your spring cleaning. What next? A local designer offers some suggestions on how to add some zip to your living areas, and all it takes is a flip of a switch.

–        Are you happy with your bathroom? If you’re not, you may want to consider having a new, modern shower enclosure installed. Look inside to learn about the latest styles, including frameless enclosures featuring open roller or barn door-style doors.

Also in this issue, you’ll read about the tremendous need for foster families in the area, a local restaurant that really works to make their customers feel at home while enjoying excellent food and drink and much more! Enjoy!