With an Okie Flair

Expecting house guests? Why not present them with a gift basket that will make them feel welcomed and serve as a reminder of their stay?

“When deciding on what items to put into a gift basket, the first thing I do is take into account the recipient,” says Jocelyn Wall, owner of the International Pantry. For this basket, the recipient is a guest from outside of Oklahoma, so Jocelyn decided to create a basket filled with some of her favorite gourmet Oklahoma treats.

“Choosing a variety of brands with both sweet and savory offerings creates a more interesting basket as well,” she says. “The Eat & Explore Oklahoma cookbook and travel guide gives your guest a fun Oklahoma read. I added the Oklahoma-themed plates since they are a perfect reminder of your guest’s visit to Oklahoma! I found this darling basket with a chalkboard to personalize and offer a warm welcoming!”

Check out the International Pantry, 1618 W Lindsey St.,in Norman for great gift-giving ideas. For more information, visit IntlPantry.com.