I cannot believe we concluded our third year in January and are beginning our fourth this month! It has been my honor to serve you these past three years on the pages of our magazine! Our mission is simple: we hope to play a small role in helping the community flourish by producing a quality magazine filled with news and special events that take place every month. I would like to look back at the organizations we have supported over the past 12 months, thank our team and address our upcoming year together.

Since last February, when we celebrated our first “Best of Cleveland County 2017,” a recognition we will repeat again every so often as we want to keep it fresh, we have been honored to support these awesome causes: Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Habitat for Humanity, the Sooner Theatre, Earth Rebirth, the Norman Philharmonic, Catholic Charities, Go Red, Big Brothers and Sisters, Full Circle Adult Day Center, Veteran’s Corner, the Pioneer Library System, ABLE, Le Tour de Vin, the Assistance League, Women of the South, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Nicole Jarvis Parkinson’s Research Foundation.

Giving back is why I started Cleveland County Lifestyle, and it is my passion. Please use our pages to champion your causes for the cities of our community. From Good Times photos of your events, to Around Town news releases detailing your fundraisers, to complimentary ads, we are here to serve.

None of this would happen without our team, and at the heart of that team is my editor, Jerri Culpepper, as she makes the engine run with fantastic content from our group of incredible writers. Of course without awesome writing and fantastic images, no one would open our magazine. So a big thanks go to our writers, Lindsey Davies, Staci Elder Hensley, Brooke Barnett and Morgan Day, and to our photographers, Teresa Bird, Tinymite’s Photography; Ryan Lassiter, Defining Image; and Krystyn Richardson, BOLD Multimedia.

Looking forward, our fourth year is going to be an exciting journey. I want wrap-up by thanking you, the readers and our advertising partners, who truly make our mission of community service possible. As we work together and support each other we all thrive, and that makes Cleveland County the best place to live and raise a family. Please contact me with your thoughts or ideas and I invite you to help make our magazine even better in order to serve our community even more.

I love this community and I pray for peace and prosperity for each and every one of you throughout the year!