Adam and Kizzie Enjoy Sharing Their Passion for Music to All Ages

Music is a very personal form of expression that can help carry a message and connect people. Music brought Kizzie and Adam together, and they use their love of music to interact with and teach within their community. Read below to learn more about this unique duo, the message they carry and their impact in the community.

Tell me a little bit about your backgrounds.

We were both raised in Oklahoma City and attended Classen School of Advanced Studies. Kizzie studied drama, music, theatre and voice in high school and college. Adam studied piano in high school and college. We met in choir class and became close friends, but after high school our paths went in different directions. Kizzie performed internationally with Disney in Tokyo and the Bahamas. Adam became a notable Christian rapper and jazz pianist in OKC. Then in 2011, our paths re-crossed, our friendship rekindled and, surprisingly, we also fell in love.

We married in 2011 and immediately went off to Bangalore, Indiana, to perform as a cover band for a hotel. During our time there, we decided to establish our band, where we would write and perform our own original music. We returned to OKC in June 2012 and hit the ground running. Adam and Kizzie was born.

What type of music do you perform?

Our music is all original and heavily influenced by many of our cherished musical backgrounds: jazz, hip hop, pop, gospel, rap, rnb, soul, big band… We write our music collaboratively. Kizzie sings. Adam plays the piano, raps and sometimes provides background vocals, if not singing duet. We both perform live with loopers (pedals), which have become signature members of our band.

We signed with Ropeadope Records in September 2014. We also began touring nationally at this time. We’ve released three albums, the third released in June 2018. All are available in online stores and via our website:

We won third place in the MegaStar talent competition with Usher (December 2017), a cash prize and a flight out to LA to meet him and perform one of our hit songs.

Describe your type of performances you offer to library audiences and beyond?

Our library performances vary from interactive kids’ concerts to musical sketch shows to educational programs. Our more popular educational program is our “Roots of African American Music,” an entertaining and informative musical journey through the socioeconomic, spiritual, and artistic struggle and triumph of black Americans. We have also performed thematic concerts and sketch shows for children and families. For example, in “Libraries Rock,” we perform songs with the word “rock” in the title, spanning multiple genres and reaching back a few decades. We always get our audiences involved. The kids are going to dance and sing along somehow, some way.

How else are you active in the community?

Kizzie also performs with Lyric Theatre’s interactive program that tours the entire state. Kizzie has performed live theatre productions with Lyric as well. Adam teaches private students and does a lot of mentoring. He hosts the jam session at Ice Event Center. He is a member of a handful of local bands. He is actively working and partnering with others to build programs and events that will cultivate and expand the music community in OKC, including collaborating with OKSessions and Deep Deuce Sessions. We are both members of the praise team at our church. We participate in charitable works through our church. We both teach at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.