Take the Cobblestones Less Traveled

Anyone can go to a beach for their honeymoon or anniversary. Why not make yours’ one that is unique and full of romance and smashing sights—in Britain?

From its green hills and sea cliffs to its winding paths and windswept moors, Britain offers much beyond the London Bridge. Explore the undiscovered and uncrowded England, Scotland and Wales to shop for bits and bobs in unhurried hamlets, and in highland villages, where you can whet your whistle in one of the many quaint pubs.

A wonderful romantic anniversary can be had at Globus Tours, over the Tower Bridge, Beyond the Palace and past Abby Road, where you can discover Laurel Lanes and Garden Paths along the Cobblestones Less Traveled. Travel through winding roads to unspoiled villages with an experienced guide who will take all the work out of planning your one-of-a-kind getaway.

While you’re exploring Britain Uncovered, you’ll learn what William Shakespeare meant when he wrote, “This Blessed Plot, This Earth, This Realm, This England.” Exeter, England, is a small city on the Exe River that is packed with history that predates the Romans’ arrival in 50 A.D. Get to know the locals as you enjoy a pint of Shandy in the unspoiled village of Widdecombe-in-the-Moor.

Your breath will be taken away by the stunning scenery in Wales’ Beautiful Wye Valley and the site of the crumbling ruins of the magnificent Cistercian Abby; you’ll also find yourself speechless standing in Shakespeare’s Tudor-style birthplace on the banks of the River Avon.

There are many hidden treasures in Southern England; quiet, tranquil and preserved sites in Bath, Cotswold, Tetbury and the Isle of Wight are just a few. As you venture north to bonnie Scotland, the rolling hills and dramatic coastline, the mythical creatures and elusive monsters will bring back memories of novels and fictional stories you’ve read. You’ll travel back in time as you trace the Highlander heroes through storybook Scotland.  A tour of Scotland is a feast of stark contrast among stunning scenes with a reminder of heroic history and ancient clans in Tartan kilts.

The Globus Family of Brands also offers Cosmos Tours. Cosmos offers greater freedom, flexibility and affordability. Cosmos will turn your honeymoon or anniversary dreams into a reality as they take you to visit famous castles and go off the beaten cobblestones to unique places only Cosmos and the locals know.

With Cosmos Life—the world’s first à la carte touring style—you’ll be able to schedule your day as you please. Cosmos Life provides the essentials you’d expect from a traditional escorted tour: comfy accommodations, on-hand tour director and first-rate transportation.The difference? You plan your day—your way! GREAT for honeymooners who want organized accommodations and transportation, but alone time as well.

Honeymooners or anniversary celebrants also may choose the Monogram option, which allows couples to plan a do-it-yourself vacation or choose something really smart that’s in-between. For example, you could head to London’s countryside, then on to the medieval city of York and Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. A high-speed train will whisk you from Southern England to the Scottish Lowlands, with mesmerizing scenery along the way.  

With over 500 vacations, 77 countries and six continents, the Globus Family of Brands has the perfect honeymoon or anniversary trip just for you.

Bonnie Hedges, CTC/CTS, of Bentley Hedges Travel Service (founded in 1970), contributed to this travel column. Contact one of Bentley Hedges’ professional travel agents to book your unique anniversary or honeymoon package to “Undiscovered Britain” by person at their new office at 10021 S. Pennsylvania Ave., in Oklahoma City, online at bhtravel.com or call 237.3333.