[Editor’s Note: This month’s Parting Thoughts is written by Shaneé Newville, daughter and former partner of Crimsy Photography with her mother, Linda Irie. Linda, sometimes with her daughter, shot the majority of photos that appeared in Cleveland County Lifestyle its first year of existence (2017). She, and Shaneé’s young son and daughter, tragically died in an automobile accident caused by a teen who was driving while texting. Drawing on her deep faith and wonderful memories of her beloved mother and children, Shaneé has found a new way to use her creativity and share it with others.]

My name is Shaneé Newville, and I was co-owner of Crimsy Photography (“where creative and whimsy meet”) with my mother and partner for 10 successful years. My children, Brookie, 9, and Jace, 5, were our best subjects! Such beautiful gifts, giving me the drive and passion, paired with my creativity, to run a home business! I had the inspiration of my sweet little man, Jace, and his wild child sister, Brookie, to push me to keep learning more about my craft all the time. They let us get plenty of practice throughout the years—lots of big smiles and laughs I have to treasure! We photographed tons of beautiful weddings (over 1,000 fall sessions) each year and shot for Cleveland County Lifestyle in 2017. We were nominated as among the top 20 OKC wedding photographers. 

My mother and both children were killed in a car accident from a teen texting and driving, hitting them while they were at a complete stop, impacting at 77 mph. My 6-year-old little cousin came out with the only hope I had to move forward. Jesus said it wasn’t her time; she saw angels and the blessing of Jesus in such terror and pain. With my life and loves taken from me, I have decided to start over while remaining true to myself. I had always dreamed of having a boutique and decorating, and had plenty of practice setting up scenes with my mother for Crimsy Photography. We would make our own props, scenes and designs, playing with color and light. After losing my three most precious family members, I am taking the inspiration of the love and time I spent with them in the products I choose, from the books my children loved and enjoyed, to the florals, colors and creativity that reminds me of my mother! Along with all of our awesome “mom merch,” being a mother was the best job and experience in the world! “I love you in to the moon and back,” I told Jace and Brookie every night.

We always celebrated “Lego Movie”-style and did a Taco Tuesday every week and would watch “The Flash.” It would be the one night they got to stay up a little later. I carry the Jesus calling book proudly! It helped me through my grief and helped me heal. All the moments I share with people decide the items I carry and produce. I want my boutique to be a place I would have loved sharing with them. Take a look around and feel the love and the laughs that we shared in the spaces I create! I hope I can inspire others to do what they love and spend the best time with their family. Enjoy those little moments, create things and inspire others! Most of all,,know that God is good every day! Snuggle up with a cup of hot coffee and make some special memories!

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