A growing family and a desire to make their home into a more warm and welcoming gathering space for family and friends served as the main impetus behind Norman residents Paige and Dusty Tedesco’s decision last year to hire a designer to make that dream come true.

The couple selected Marissa Adler, owner of Marissa Adler Designs, to complete their home renovation, which included the entire ground floor, after seeing the level of quality, style and attention to detail the full-service design studio demonstrated in projects completed for friends of theirs.

Marissa, who partnered with Chris Hundley of Hundley Construction on the project, says that “attention to detail is key in making a space work for a growing family.” Part of the remodel involved reworking the kitchen to make it more functional. However, opening up a wall meant loss of important cabinet space.

“We needed to make sure we made up for that with our design,” she says. “Chris Hundley understands that, too. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are why we choose to partner. He never cuts corners and goes the extra mile (or square foot) to make sure every decision is right for the space.”

When it came to remodeling the study, paint played a major role, says Marissa. “The woodwork was all black. We used one of our favorite white paints and transformed the heavy feel into a relaxing, bright inviting space.The key to styling bookshelves is to look at the piece as a whole and then break it down into smaller proportions. It’s important to use larger items repeatedly to anchor the shelves and then take your favorite books and accessories grouped in like colors and textures to create the whole picture.” 

To further personalize a remodel, Marissa often reaches out to the metro artist community; in this case, she selected a work of art by local artist Nancy Heap (not shown) to hang in the kitchen.

Marissa Adler Designs recently was honored to be featured in Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, by design guru Joanna Gaines.

Marissa first combined her love of design and her entrepreneurial spirit in August 2003 as creator and owner of Tulips home and gift boutique on Campus Corner. Heeding a calling to spend more time with family and to be more involved in her community, Marissa sold Tulips and established Marissa Adler Designs in June 2014.

Marissa’s clients are located throughout Oklahoma City and surrounding metropolitan areas. Marissa Adler Designs specializes in creating stylish, livable and welcoming environments for life and relationships to flourish within. They offer full-scale interior design for new construction, home design, remodels and renovations.

“Every project we embark on is special to our clients,” Marissa says. “We have a system and process to ensure that the client’s vision is realized with attention to detail, unique vendors and product quality. The success of our work is measured by the excitement that our clients feel when sharing their home with friends and family.”


Tips for Modernizing Your Space

“One of the best things about remodels is taking something that functioned at one time and making it work for modern life,” Marissa says. “If your home wasn’t built in the last decade, there are great ways to make it feel and function like a modern home without losing the beauty of what it has been.”

Marissa’s suggestions include:

1.      Declutter! Take everything off the kitchen counters and walls or office book shelves. Put everything in another room to sort. Ask yourself a few questions about the items: Does it function well? Do I like it? Does it bring me joy?

2.      If you still love a piece of art or family picture, but its frame is outdated, switch out the frame. Minimal cost, huge impact and you keep the story the object brings to your home!

3.      Create two piles: a give-away and a keep pile.

4.      If you have old books, they make great decor items to add height and texture. So even if you won’t read it again, you can take the cover off to create uniformity and use them for your shelves in any room.

5.      Paint! It’s an inexpensive way to make things new and can be used in just about anything. In the Tedesco’s office, paint transformed the whole space. By using a light color palette, we changed the dark, heavy cabinetry into fresh, clean cabinetry.

6.      Switching out hardware is another inexpensive way to update older pieces. If you live in an older home with a finish of hardware you would like to switch, don’t be afraid to start small. I personally love mixed metals. It’s fine to have brass door hardware and add nickel to your vanity or built-ins. You just want to make sure you tie it together by repeating the new finish with a light fixture or lamp and accessories.”

Check out MarissaAdlerDesigns.com for portfolios of past projects, upcoming remodels and details about the Marissa Adler Design process. You can also email them at marissaadlerdesigns@gmail.com. Check out their latest projects on Facebook, Marissa Adler Designs, and Instragram @marissaadlerdesigns.