New Year's Resolutions 1

Life Coach Offers Tips on How to Keep THem

Goals. How do we set them, and how do we keep them?

This is a huge topic that can get deep in a hurry if we take into account what might be blocking us from achieving our goals.

Is there some aspect of your life that, if you could get it right and under control, the rest of your life would fall into place? If so, you may want to focus on it and create not only a goal, but a promise to yourself. (With goals we tend to hit or miss but there’s much more power behind a promise.)

For me, that one aspect is my eating. When my eating is under control and I’m not overeating sugar and flour, I maintain a healthy weight, I exercise, I make progress in my career, my relationships are healthier, and I even regularly practice the piano!

Once you identify this central aspect, find the best possible resources that work for you. We all need help and support to reach our goals. A resource that I have found useful is called Bright Line Eating ( You, however, are not me, so it’s important to find what works best for you. Once you find it, commit to it wholeheartedly! Promise yourself!

Another powerful tip is to make whatever you’re wanting to achieve your new identity. For example, if you want to write a book and get it published, that’s your goal. If you take on the identity of a writer, you will write daily, you will write even when you don’t feel like it or when stress hits, because that’s who you are.

Speaking of every day, the best way I know to achieve my goals is to make working on them a daily habit. A recently published book on this topic is called Atomic Habits by James Clear. His brilliance is in teaching that if we can just get better by 1 percent daily, these tiny changes will translate into remarkable results.

Finally, negative experiences in our pasts may block us from making progress on our goals. For example, if we were laughed at when speaking in front of the classroom as a child, our minds may have decided to not speak in front of groups because it isn’t safe. Now, as we want to grow our businesses or advance in our careers and we need to do some public speaking, our fear stops us or makes it very uncomfortable. I specialize in a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping, that clears these blockages out of the way. Often, we just feel stuck. EFT can help greatly with this.

Now, I invite you to take action right now toward either making a promise or goal, checking out a resource mentioned here, or whatever is your next right step. You’ve got this!

Diana Morgan, M.A., ACEFTP, has had a life-coaching practice in Norman for eight years. She is an accredited certified EFT practitioner and holds master’s degree in counseling psychology. To find out more, visit or email her at

RESOLUTION ONE – Learn to meditate


Learn and practice meditation and mindfulness techniques in this free class led by Haven Tobias; appropriate for all ages and experience levels. Sign-up not required.

 2-3 p.m., first and third Mondays, Norman Central Library, 225 N. Webster; 2-3 p.m., second and fourth Mondays, Norman East Library, 3051 Alameda. 


There are so many organizations out there that would welcome your involvement. A great starting place to look is the United Way.

United Way of Norman:

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Whether your goal is to lose 5 lbs. or 20, you have several local options (including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig). If you’re battling obesity (generally meaning overweight by 100+ lbs.), Norman Regional’s Weight Loss and Bariatric Program may be an option.