Whimsical! Funny! Practical!

In Cleveland County, professional chefs as well as serious home cooks know where to go for high-quality bakeware/cookware, cutlery and electrics (such as mixers and blenders), as well as a wide assortment of food-preparation tools: The International Pantry. But did you know the International Pantry also carries an assortment of fun and whimsical (yet useful) gadgets for the kitchen?

Following are some of owner Jocelyn Wall’s favorite gadgets:

  • Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner by New Metro – Just add water and vinegar to thoroughly clean your microwave! It steam-cleans the crud from your microwave.
  • Cherry Chomper by Talisman Designs – Insert cherry, press down head and release.
  • Hot Cooking Bands by Architec –-High heat-resistant silicone cooking bands
  • Cover Blubbers by Fusionbrands – The super-stretchy food saver forms an airtight seal to any shaped container or food.
  • Dough press set by Progressive – Three sizes to cut and crimp dough; ideal for small pies, empanadas, calzones and more
  • Hazel the Nut Grinder by RSVP – Hazel loves to grind nuts! Simply turn her tail to coarsely chop the exact amount of nuts you need.
  • Potato People by Charcoal Companion – Cook your potatoes faster with this fun set of stainless steel inserts! Set includes chef, cowboy, pirate and firefighter.

Wall notes that, this December, International Pantry will celebrate 40 years in the Hollywood Shopping Center.

Wall shares that the shop also offers cooking observation classes (see Around Town, this issue). “Our classes are crazy popular and tons of fun!,” she said, noting that this fall they are the classes through mid-November. Cost is $45 per person, which includes an evening of food, knowledge and fun. Check out their website for details.

The International Pantry

1618 West Lindsey St.

Norman, OK 73069