Don’t Judge Wine by Its Price Tag

One of the fringe benefits of my job is that I get to taste a lot of wine. I mean, A LOT. Wine reps stop by pretty regularly with samples. After years of drinking free wine samples, the one thing I know for sure is that I can never tell whether the bottle costs $5 or $50. That might make you say, “Well Bryan, you’re an idiot with an unrefined palate who shouldn’t be writing an article about wine and who should sell his business and go back to doing whatever it is you were good at in the ‘80s.” And since I earnestly believed I was great at certain things from about 1985 to 1989, the biting criticism I pretended you to have of me is both unnecessarily mean and completely appropriate.

#However (I purposely used the pound sign there to appear hipper), in a recent study, a psychologist asked almost 600 people to drink two different glasses of wine and simply pick the “expensive” wine and the “cheap” wine. They only picked correctly half of the time … in other words, he could have flipped a coin and gotten the exact same results (my palate is vindicated!). I say this to say that: there are good wines that are cheap and there are good wines that are expensive. I want to share with you some inexpensive wines that I think drink as nicely as their pricier counterparts. French Rosés are compared first, then Pinot Noirs.

So, the next time you’re at local wine shop, take a chance on a bottle that doesn’t look so fancy or cost so much. You just might find a rare gem cheap.


La Petit Chat, with a simple cat drawing on the label, goes for less than $10 a bottle. Meow!


Named after reality star Lisa Vanderpump, who lent her name to the French Rosé. Putting aside the “Real Housewives” gimmick, the wine itself is darn good. It’s priced reasonably at around $20 a bottle.


Though much-less-known than the Meiomi, I’ll bet you would never guess that the Pinot Noir by Vandori is only $5.99 a bottle! A bargain!


This popular wine is one of my personal favorites at about $20 a bottle. And it’s totally worth it.


Bryan Kerr is proprietor of Moore Liquor, 914 SW 4th St., Moore.