Local Business Offers Free Cleanings for Cancer Patients

Making and keeping a home is a full-time endeavor. Add illness into the mix, and not only does housework fall behind, but it may have to be neglected entirely. This fact is the basis of the nonprofit group, Cleaning for a Reason, which matches cleaning companies with cancer patients to help them get through this very difficult time in their lives. The nonprofit’s battle cry is “Until there’s a cure … Clean for a Reason!”

Locally, this is where the female-run cleaning company 2 Green Chicks comes in. 

2 Green Chicks is a woman-owned cleaning company based out of Norman. Using the latest technology, 2GC provides residential and small commercial cleaning. Amy Wiggs-King, “Owner Chick,” says they “thrive on providing quality cleanings for our clients while using the best and most safe products available.”

The business’s culture and atmosphere is that of lightheartedness and humor. Their “Chick Mobiles and Çhicklists” are important to their “Chick Family,” and often, Ollie, the owner’s dog, who is adored by the employees, makes a daily appearance at “the nest”.

Wiggs-King thinks it is important that their employees know that, without their hard work, the business wouldn’t thrive. Keeping this in mind, 2GC provides monthly bonuses, a simple IRA plan and other incentives, in addition to health, dental and vision insurance.  She is passionate about her work and loves being a positive influence in her local community. 2GC supports local organizations and Wiggs-King was a member of Leadership Norman in 2016.

Wiggs-King partnered with Cleaning for a Reason in 2012 after learning about it at the yearly Cleaning Conference. 2GC employees clean for two patients a month, totaling four cleanings each.

“It’s such a great feeling to know that we can come help do things they just aren’t physically able to do– we come into their home, make it sparkle and provide a smile and a hug on our way out the door – all because we care (and it’s free!)!” she shares.

If you know of someone who may quality for this great service, just visit CleaningForaReason.org.  Individuals are matched with a cleaning company based on ZIP code.