If you’re a “Foodie” (like me), you’ll almost certainly find this one of our “tastier” issues! 

In our main feature, the Chefs’ Roundtable, three noted chefs from our readership area share their favorite dishes to make, along with the recipes for them! The most time-consuming entree to prepare, and the most unusual, is the Wild Boar Ragu with Pappardelle Pasta, shared by Volare executive chef Anthony Compagni. Easier and faster to prepare, yet sure to please (unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan!), is the Cowboy Cut Ribeye, prepared by Mickey Mantle’s & Kirby’s Steakhouse executive chef Juan Torres. The third offering is actually an appetizer with a twist. Gerry Reardon, chef at El Toro Chino Latin+Asian Kitchen, reveals how to make the upscale restaurant’s popular Fusion Nachos.

Our Travel Destination column, Eat the World, showcases two area restaurants that have received praise for their international cuisine: Misal Bistro, featuring traditional Indian food, but with no additives, MSG preservatives or artificial colors, and LemonGrass Asian Bistro, which offers an intriguing fusion of Vietnamese, Thai and other Asian cuisine and a large assortment of sushi, made in-house.

For our readers who are wine connoisseurs, you will want to read the Hops and Vine column written by Moore Liquor’s Bryan Kerr, who believes that you don’t always have to shell out big bucks for a quality wine, and offers examples, and our Travel Destination column, which takes readers to Canadian River Winery and Vineyards, which offers a plethora of events throughout the year as well as wine tastings and tours of the facility.

There’s lots more inside and not enough room to go into detail, so why not take some time out of your hectic schedule, pour yourself a glass of wine, and savor our Food issue from start to back? We think you’re in for a treat.