Children and dogs. What’s not to like about an issue devoted to these two popular topics?

In our cover story, we shine the light on several individuals and couples who say their relationship with their four-legged canine family members has brought them joy, increased their activity level, and even, in one case, provided invaluable medical assistance.

In another piece, we look at two local establishments that cater to babies, children, teens and the young at heart, and another two that are dog-focused.

We also spotlight a new place designed as a play space for babies and children that’s designed to resemble a small town, but on a miniature scale. The goal? To stimulate children’s imagination and get them up and active rather than sitting in front of the TV or a videogame or complaining that they’re BORED!

Another article focuses on a local orthodontics practice that has teamed up with a nonprofit to provide orthodontic scholarships to children and teens with financial challenges, special circumstances and orthodontic needs, then encourages them to give back to their community through volunteering.

For those of you with young children who love to read, Pioneer Library System’s Christian Potts offers a look at six books about animals written for children in first through sixth grade that are listed on the 2018 Children’s Sequoyah Book Masterlist.

We hope that you enjoy perusing this issue as much as we enjoyed pulling it together.