to Give Children, Teens a Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile. It can be the tie-breaker in a job interview, a determining factor in attracting friends, and even play a role in how trustworthy you are viewed. Seen from another point of view, a beautiful smile reflects the giver’s confidence and self-esteem.

But for those, especially children and teens, with crowded and crooked teeth, attaining that beautiful smile can be challenging.

A local orthodontics practice is working with a charitable nonprofit to help children and teens who may not have the opportunity to acquire assistance otherwise achieve that all-important beautiful smile. The recipients are then given the opportunity to “pay it forward” by taking on various volunteer work in their communities, where it is hoped they will further develop their self-confidence while developing a lifelong commitment to giving.

Since 2012, Craig and Streight Orthodontics has partnered with the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation to provide orthodontic scholarships to outstanding individuals with financial challenges, special circumstances and orthodontic needs. Dr. Robi Lynn Craig and Dr. Ryan Streight—board-certified orthodontists with over 25 years of combined experience—gladly donate their time, skill and resources to treat children and teens at no cost to them.

Dr. Craig notes that, to date, over 4,500 children in the United States and Canada have received orthodontic scholarships, and that these same children have committed over 40,000 hours of service to pay it forward in their communities. “Our local chapter has its own board of directors who select applicants to be treated,” she said.

“By partnering with Smile for a Lifetime, it is our collective mission to provide self-confidence, inspire hope and positively affect the lives of children,” added Dr. Streight. “The gift of a smile can do all this for deserving, underserved individuals, giving them the confidence they need to pursue their dreams and give back to their communities.”

“At Craig and Streight Orthodontics,” added Dr. Craig, “we are committed to helping change lives by making smiles happen. We firmly believe that a great smile can dramatically affect one’s outlook on life. We look forward to continuing to give deserving children and teens a Smile for a Lifetime!”

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Testimonials from scholarship recipients

“I want to have a smile that I can be proud of! Right now, people think that I am unfriendly because I don’t smile much. Getting braces to correct my teeth would help my self-confidence.” – Kaden

“I want braces because I have crowded and crooked teeth. My teeth make me feel embarrassed to smile or laugh.  I feel that braces will improve my self-esteem, and I will smile a lot more, like I used to when I was little.” – Brandy

“My teeth are very crowded and it makes it hard to eat and also to clean my teeth. I want braces, but my family can’t afford it. Braces would make me feel confident about showing my teeth when I smile.” – Zach