Offers Giant-sized Fun in Miniature Scale

Looking for a new, unique experience for your child? Adventure Town, which opened full time on May 17 in the Normandy Creek Shopping Center in Norman, is designed to resemble a town, but scaled for children. Here, your child’s imagination is sure to soar as he or she crawls, runs and rides through rooms designed to resemble a fire station, auto garage, pizzeria, school and other places. Little ones have a special soft zone to play in, and parents can sip a soda while overlooking the fun. A perfect place for a playdate or birthday party, Adventure Town brings imagination to life. I spoke with Dawn Nuccio, co-owner with husband Mike Nuccio, about this unique kid space.

“We came up with Adventure Town because there is an age difference with our children and the little guy could never play with his brother and sister,” recalled Nuccio.

At the time, the couple was living in New Jersey, but were willing to relocate. Because Mike is a huge Sooners fan, their search led them to Norman. “After doing some research, I found out that there was nothing for toddlers and thought Adventure Town would be a perfect fit for Norman,” Nuccio said.

Nuccio describes Adventure Town as a place “where your child’s imagination can run wild” and where “children and adults have the ability to use their imaginations through good, old-fashioned pretend play” in a miniature-town setting.

“Adventure Town Imaginary Play & Party is an indoor custom-built open play area. Each play house is structured and outfitted with furniture, toys and costumes,” she added. “Here, children can do everything from shop at the local market to teach at the town school or put bad guys in jail.”

Other play zones include a park, firehouse, bank, garage, hospital and veterinary clinic. Each area includes related costumes—police jackets and caps, a prisoner’s striped outfit, a doctor’s white coat, and so on—and props, such as a stethoscope and pretend pizzas.

To amp up the fun, children may also don various costumes (including superhero capes), ride in toy cars, practice their hoop skills, and play with an assortment of toys and puzzles.

“Parents can play along with the kids to help enhance their imaginative play experience. For the little ones, we have a small soft play area for them to roll around in with age-appropriate toys, and where Mom or Dad can still see the other kids in the town. Then, when you need a break, come visit the Pit Stop Snack Bar for a cold drink and any of our pre-packaged foods,” Nuccio said.

A separate game room is available for older children offering air hockey, basketball and dome hockey.

Also good to know:

•             All ages are accepted, though it is geared toward children ages 1-8.

•             Toys are sanitized each day with Lysol wipes, and once a week, the toys are soaked in bleach.

•             Pricing: $12 for all-day play ($10 on Thursdays). Tuesdays, admission is half off for those wearing an Adventure Town Twitter shirt. Monthly rates are available.

•             Adventure Town offers three different party packages, ranging from a basic party with a private room for 10 children to play for two hours to deluxe-plus, which also provides paper products and a party helper for 20 kids.


Adventure Town

2262 W. Main St.

Norman, OK