Well, summer’s officially upon us. And in Oklahoma, that generally means heat, heat, heat. And yes, some like it hot, though I doubt there are too many out there who enjoy 100 degrees F. or above, which is not uncommon here.

Still, there’s plenty of things to do in Cleveland County (and the surrounding area), both indoors and out, that won’t have you scraping yourself up off the toasty sidewalk. In our Guide to Summer, we offer some suggestions, three of which offer “wet and wild adventures”: HeyDay Entertainment, Andy Alligator’s and Westwood Aquatics Center, all in Norman, and Moore’s Central Park (which includes a new water park). The first two—only a stone’s throw apart—also offer other family-oriented fun, including miniature golf, bowling, a ropes course and video arcades. Just for kicks, we also threw in a unique entertainment and learning venture, SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology, in OKC.

Summer also is the season for outdoors grilling. In our Renovate and Refine column, we showcase a marvelous outdoor kitchen space belonging to a local family and custom designed by Outdoors Escapes. If you’ve been thinking about adding an outdoor space, make sure to check out this column for ideas. For the photography session associated with this column and the accompanying Culinary Creations spread, we asked our friends at Cusack Meats, Royal Bavaria Restaurant and Beergarten and La Baguette to supply the steaks, beer, and sides and dessert (Mediterranean pasta salad, tabouli and fruit tarts), respectively. Check out the tips listed inside for grilling the perfect steak.

July is, of course, also the month we celebrate our nation’s independence. Look for the story on Veterans Corner, whose mission is to help veterans, and veterans’ families, obtain the benefits due them (plus lots more). And if you’re looking for ideas on how to spend your Fourth of July, make sure to check out our Calendar for some great ideas.

As always, space here is too limited to mention all that lies within. We hope you find the stories informative and entertaining.

Our wishes to you for a fun and safe Independence Day!