Training (and Eating) for Life 9

This is an example of a workout performed on a metabolic conditioning day at Solid Rock Training in Norman . It’s a functional full-body workout. All of the movement patterns are functional; strengthening these movement patterns will help you perform better in everyday life. An assault bike is added to really challenge your endurance and overall output. This workout, which calls for eight cycles totaling 4 minutes, will send your metabolism into overdrive. Remember, get outside your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens. We train for life!

SRT’s Functional Full-Body Workout



Plank Walk-ups


Push-up / Pull-up (alternate)


Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry


Kettlebell Goblet Squat


Kettlebell Swing


Plate Overhead, Reverse Lunge (alternate)


6 a.m.: Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast! Start your day out right with a cup of steel-cut outs with blueberries, two egg whites and coffee.

9 a.m. and 3 p.m.: Snacks

Keep your metabolism going strong by adding healthy snacks throughout the day, such as energy bars (e.g., Larabar) and bananas.

Noon: Lunch

For your noonday meal, prepare a fist-sized chicken breast, a cup of brown rice and a cup of Brussels sprouts. Eat to recover; recovery is key to longevity.

6 p.m.: Dinner

A fist-sized filet of salmon and a spinach salad with apple cider vinegar for dressing are a great choice for dinner. (Caloric intake varies; someone with a higher caloric intake requirement could double the portion sizes of each meal.)

5 p.m.: Post-workout Shake

Follow your workout with a nutritious shake to satisfy your hunger and keep that metabolism pumping. Your SRT fitness instructor can offer suggestions on those that work best with a fitness routine.