Paul B. and Paul D. Odom

P.B. Odom Jr., President of P.B. Odom Construction Co.

P.B. Odom, 89, oversees the management of 150 commercial locations and works to develop and improve existing land holdings. He has built and developed many homes, subdivisions and shopping centers that helped create a thriving South Oklahoma City. He has served on BancFirst’s Corporate board for 19 years, and has participated in medical emergency flights for victims of terrible accidents.


Philosophy on life: It takes many good people, friends and family to accomplish anything meaningful in life. One man can’t do a great deal on his own. It’s helpful cooperation that builds anything of substance.


Why he’s proud of his son: My son has shown great enthusiasm and zeal in working for our company. He makes decisions based on compassion and understanding. He exemplifies the same honesty and integrity that my father taught me and now that I have taught him.


Paul D. Odom, COO of P.B. Odom Construction Co.

Paul Odom, 30, following in his father’s footsteps as a builder and developer, takes a hands-on approach to the management of the firm’s commercial and residential tenants and controls leasing and new-client acquisition. He serves as a Eucharistic minister to the sick and infirm and sits on the board of St. James Catholic Church. He is a graduate of the OSBI and FBI Citizens Academy and is a judge for the Free Ride Eskridge Scholarship panel.


Philosophy on life: I hope to never forget that all men and women come from the same fabric of life. To always treat each person as a brother or sister regardless of status or circumstance. I vow to lead my life with compassion and understanding.


Why he’s proud if his father: My father has taught me most everything I know, not just about business but also about how to live a meaningful life. Without his guidance and council, I would not be the man I am today. By following his example, I can always be comfortable in my decisions and actions.