How to Create Your Own Unique Spring Bouquet

Sherri Barnett, floral manager at Howard Brothers Florists in Oklahoma City, says even beginners can create a beautiful spring bouquet using mostly local flowers, flowering tree branches and other growing plants found throughout this area. To start, she says, select your color palette. Pastels are top picks for springtime. To create a bouquet with pink as the dominant colors, your selection might include antique hydrangea, pink spring roses, hyacinths, tulips, green trick dianthus (a non-flowering form of sweet William), azalea and succulents. For a yellow color scheme, select daffodils, hydrangea, tulips, hyacinths, blackberry stem and statice (sea lavender).


For the bouquet pictured here, Sherri went with a predominantly purple color scheme using hydrangeas, tulips, roses, cremons (chrysanthemums), daisy poms, stock, redbud branches, hyacinths and kale. Always start with the bigger flowers, such as the roses and hyacinths, she says, then add the smaller flowers, including tulips and cremons. Next add the branches. Wait to add the delicate, tiny flowers last.

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Of course, you can also select a professionally made floral arrangement as well! The Howard Brothers Florists staff is happy to customize an arrangement for you. Check them out in person at 8700 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73159, or visit them online at