How to Ensure Your AC Is Running at Peak Efficiency

Summer’s right around the corner. Are you confident your air conditioner is up to the strain of Oklahoma’s sizzling-hot summer days? If you’ve ever come home to inside temperatures that top the highest reading on the thermostat, you know how miserable that can be! (I’ve lived that nightmare–twice! Do NOT recommend it.)

To ensure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency, Norman Heating & Air Conditioning proprietor Brian Porch offers several suggestions, the first two of which the homeowner can do himself.

“Make sure you have a clean filter installed. Make sure to use a pleated filter instead of a flat filter. A pleated filter will have more surface area and will take longer to become clogged and will cause less stress on your system,” he says.

“The second is to inspect your outdoor unit. Make sure there nothing blocking the fan, and nothing has been stacked or placed near the unit. Also, if visible, check the cleanliness of the outdoor coil.”

However, he adds, if you want to ensure the reliability and maximum energy efficiency of your air conditioner, you need a professional.  

“We would recommend a preseason tune-up or a comfort club membership. Either service will check the refrigerant level to make sure the system cools properly and doesn’t use extra energy, clean the outdoor coil to keep the unit from overheating, and check all other components for signs of future failure. This preseason service will ensure maximum reliability and energy efficiency,” he explains.

- – –

When Porch founded Norman Heating & Air Conditioning a decade ago, he set high standards both for himself and for his company.

Today, customers who book a service or repair call receive text notifications that include the technician’s photo and bio and a GPS link that allows them to track their truck right to their door. This provides an additional layer of safety for the customer as well as the convenience of knowing just when to expect the technician—a huge bonus for busy people.

Additionally, Porch notes, “we provide up-front pricing with multiple options to allow you to choose an option that’s right for you; comfort clubs with multiple levels and options, including credits toward new home comfort systems and water heaters; and a local company that cares about you and our community.”

Recently, the company decided to make their dedication to the community more public. “When you see our service vehicles around town now, you may notice something new on the doors,” Porch notes. “Our employees wanted to help raise awareness for some causes that are close to their heart. So, you may see things like support for breast cancer awareness, Oklahoma teachers and veterans. We are not only using our vehicles to help raise awareness we are donating to each of these causes.”

Now, that’s what I call cool.