‘Dream Big, Act Bigger’

Earth Rebirth, a nonprofit with a focus on educating and empowering individuals to take food, energy and water into their own hands, strives to bridge the gap between economic and environmental problems. The organization offers several community-based programs. With the recent addition of a mobile unit, Andrew Sartain, Earth Rebirth founder and president, said they are expanding their efforts statewide and beyond.

Through the Garden Your Own Growth program, schools (16 locally), churches, neighborhoods and families are taught how to grow their own food and work as a community to provide an economic return on the produce grown. Volunteers have installed raised beds, a greenhouse, rain barrels, irrigation and more. At schools, teachers and students help the team design a specific education plan for their garden, so it can get the most use from students. The consulting team offers complimentary evaluations for anyone wanting help in planning their ideal garden and determining its scope and associated costs. For-cost services also are available for those wanting help setting up and maintain their gardens, as well as ongoing support; proceeds go back into the nonprofit’s work to establish new school gardens and improve curriculum.

The Homemade Sustainability program focuses on the best methods to minimize material waste and optimize energy use and production. Workshop topics range from renewable energy to effective recycling practices. The program aims to help activists and students understand the energy markets, effectively advocate with large energy companies, and find solutions that can be implemented most effectively.

The Take H2Ownership program is focused on educating people on how to preserve the quality of water, better understand watershed and optimize the use of their water. Events are designed to be interactive, educational and impactful. The campaign’s focus is on helping individuals understand a problem, evaluate alternatives to address it and determine a plan of action.

Volunteers are essential since Earth Rebirth is primarily funded by individual donors, small-business sponsors, home and business garden set-ups, and event fundraising.

Membership plans are available for a variety of monthly contributions, ranging from $10 a month to help cover the costs of an Earth Rebirth event to $250 to cover an average month of activities.