With an Apology to Designer’s Market

Generally, this column is offered as a light-hearted look at a topic or topics relating to the issue’s theme. This time, however, we are using the space to re-run two of the photos that appeared last month in a story examining the latest techniques in faux finishes, which can recreate the look of stone, marble, brick, concrete or even wallpaper, and to apologize to the author of the story, interior designer Gia Rose of Designer’s Market.

For reasons not yet entirely clear, the photos of the inspiration rooms as they appear in the physical magazine do not reflect the true colors and textures of the spaces as they were photographed. While the spaces as designed are rich in detail, color and texture, the photos in the magazine are darker than they should be and lack color and definition. Additionally, the rich faux finishes on the walls do not accurately represent the artistry involved in their creation.

We regret the poor quality of the photos as they appeared in the March magazine, and hope that the photos on this page do a better job of conveying the true, professional look of these spaces.