High-Energy, Interval-Driven Classes Backed by Science

As the clock nears 8:30 on a recent Monday morning, folks start rolling into Solid Rock Training for a 50-minute solid endurance group fitness class. What’s in store for them is a rapid-fire lineup of activities that will have them pedaling atop stationary bikes, testing their stamina on rowing machines, performing reverse crunches on the floor and barreling across the gym as they push weighted sleds.

The class—designed to increase stability, strength, endurance and power—has drawn fitness-seekers of all stripes. The same goes for Solid Rock Training’s two other coach-led classes: solid strength and solid metabolic conditioning. The gym’s focus on high-energy, interval-driven classes that are backed by science is something many can get behind, said fitness coach Bob Algard.

“We have a very efficient system as far as time, because all our classes are 50 minutes, and they are super fun,” said Algard, SRT co-owner. “Not only that, but we’re a high-energy crew and we like to serve people.”

Service is one thing that sets this place apart from the rest. SRT coaches pride themselves on providing a high level of care. It’s customary to be called by your first name, no matter how many people are in a class, and the high-fives are abundant.

“If we can connect and build a real relationship with you, that’s going to help serve you better in the long term,” Algard added.

The gym’s mantra is: “We give solid high-fives. We rock our music. We train for life.” SRT coaches want people to not only reach their goals, but build a healthy routine that will keep them moving and serve them throughout their lives.

“We can really teach people how to move better—that’s the name of the game,” Algard said. “We want to get people moving well. We want people to be pain free. If you’re here to lose weight, you’re going to lose weight. If you’re here to build muscle, you’re going to build muscle.”

SRT opened in May 2016 after Algard and longtime best friend and high school wrestling partner Derek Geiges (both South Carolina natives) teamed up to follow their lifelong passion of fitness. Geiges, owner of SRT, had studied criminal justice and kinesiology at the University of Oklahoma before becoming an officer with the Norman Police Department. Algard studied business at Citadel Military College in Charleston before joining the development program at Chick-fil-A.

SRT found its roots in youth training—and still encompasses classes for athletes 10-14 years old—and eventually grew into something more. Largely due to word-of-mouth referrals, the fitness center outgrew its one-room gym and, in January 2018, expanded into a larger, renovated workout space at 4310 48th Ave. NW, Norman. The new space will feature men’s and women’s locker rooms, a spacious lobby and a “little rockers” room for kids.

Each member fills out a goals sheet upon joining, and then receives one-to-one guidance from SRT coaches. Geiges said he enjoys working with the general population and takes satisfaction in learning what motivates SRT members and then helping them reach their goals. He was particularly moved by a member who, in middle-age, was concerned about living long enough to walk his newborn daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

“He wants to be healthy and take care of himself so he can see that through 20 or 30 years down the road,” he said.

Learn more at SolidRockTrainingNorman.com. First-time participants may book a free class online or through the MINDBODY App.