… on the Meaning of ‘Best’

As we were working on compiling this “Best Of Cleveland County” issue, I found myself pondering over about what the word “best” means to me and to others.

As an adjective, the word is defined as “of the most excellent, effective or desirable type or quality.” Certainly, all the businesses and individuals who received the most votes in our first “Best Of” competition fit that definition. Whether they’re serving up highly crafted cocktails or ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy, caring for your beloved family pet or helping you find an ideal home, it’s obvious the people and places featured in these pages strive their hardest to perform at the top of their game. Their responses upon learning they were named best in their category reveal an ethic that goes beyond simply turning a profit; they take pride in what they do, and in serving their community as well.

The noun form of “best” refers to “that which is the most excellent, outstanding or desirable.” By casting their votes, our readers have voiced their opinions on the businesses, caregivers and others that they believe best meet those criteria in the general categories of Food and Beverage, Beauty and Fashion, Medical, Home and Repair, and “Other.”

Did you cast your votes in this competition? Yea or nay, we think you’ll enjoy reading about the outstanding business people, medical and dental professionals, home buying/selling/building and home repair professionals, financial experts, and others who were deemed as the “best” in their fields by their customers, clients and patients.

Of course, our contest, though it attracted thousands of votes, included only a small fraction of the businesses and professions that help make this area unique—limited space means keeping the number of categories included relatively low. I’m sure you, like me, could list dozens of others whom we believe are the “best” at what they do. Why not voice your appreciation to some of them this year? Tell your child’s school teacher how much you appreciate all her hard work. Give your tax preparer a call and tell him how much you appreciate the advice he’s given you over the years. Who else deserves your praise? Go ahead; let them know! Most people don’t hesitate to complain when they receive poor service, but few take the time to sing praise for service that went above and beyond.

Congratulations to our 2017 “Best Of” winners. Thank you for your service and commitment to this community. Thanks, too, to those of you who were not named in this particular competition, but day in and day out strive to be the “best” they can be in their field of endeavor. Please, keep up the great work!