… a Second Chance

There’s no doubt about it; our pets are a part of our family. But the love and compassion we show them begins before we bring them home. When a new puppy or kitten is purchased from a breeder or at a pet store, another animal without a home is passed up. Lack of widespread spaying and neutering means there will always be more animals than can be given homes.

Adopting a pet from a local organization is an important way to help these animals and cut down on the number of animals without homes. Animals put up for adoption at Second Chance Animal Sanctuary are first determined to be in good health, are up-to-date on vaccines and are fixed.

I spoke with Cindy Adams, shelter director, about how to adopt animals through their shelter and the other ways you can get involved. Simply put, she said, “ADOPT–if you can’t adopt FOSTER–if you can’t foster SPONSOR–If you can’t sponsor VOLUNTEER–if you can’t volunteer DONATE–if you can’t donate EDUCATE!”

When were you founded, and what are 
some details of your organization?

We were founded in 1989 by Jamie Harrington. We are a private rescue that helps homeless cats and dogs. We have always been a no kill shelter.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to provide rescue, shelter and proper veterinary care (including spay and neuter) for abandoned cats and dogs in central Oklahoma.

How has your organization 
grown over the years?

We started by only adopting out several dozen animals yearly to over 800 annually! We also have been blessed with an increase in volunteers and foster homes.

Can you provide a brief description
of some of the programs and 
services you offer?

Adoption Program—we always have lots of great dogs and cats available for adoption.

Volunteer Program—there is a great need for volunteer help.

Foster Home Program—volunteers house cats and or dogs in their homes until they get adopted.

Pet Therapy—we take usually one dog at a time to Full Circle Life Enrichment Center in Norman and retirement communities. These visits brighten everyone’s day!

Do you partner with any 
organizations in the community?

All animal rescue organizations working together are essential to getting animals out of city shelters.

What unique needs does 
your organization face?

There are only a few private rescues like ours that have their own facility, so we have monthly bills that foster home-based rescues don’t. Some of our recurring bills are utility bills, building maintenance and proper cleaning supplies to keep our animals healthy. These monthly expenses range from $1,500 – $5,000.

What can people in the community 
do to help your organization, 
and how can they contribute?

Since we are a private rescue organization, we are solely funded by donors not only in our community, but throughout our state. We even get donations occasionally from people throughout the United States. Donations can be made in person, mailed, over the phone and on our website! We also have an Amazon WishList.