'Choose Homemade' 3

ONIE Working to Get Families Together in the Kitchen

Being a family on the run doesn’t mean having to sacrifice taste, time together, or health. In fact, the staff of the Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education Project, founded 15 years ago to improve the health of Oklahoma families through nutrition and physical activity, believes their “Choose Homemade” initiative shows you can have it all. This initiative emphasizes the importance of home-cooked family meal times, improves the social, emotional and physical health outcomes among all members of families who practice it regularly.

ONIE spokesperson Meredith Scott, M.S., CHES, said the nonprofit’s staff has developed hundreds of quick, healthy and tasty recipes, all of which use common ingredients and can be prepared easily and cleaned up quickly. By drawing upon these recipes, it is their hope that families will be able to get the most out of their time together, both in and out of the kitchen. 

“All recipes are quick to prepare (most take 30 minutes or less), healthy (low in saturated fat and sodium, as well as full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains!), and tasty,” shares Scott. “We also provide ‘how-to’ cooking videos on our website for many of the recipes, which can be searched by ingredient, genre (side dish, main dish, dessert, etc.), or by estimated prep time,” she noted.

Through working with nonprofits, government organizations, schools, food banks, farm markets and other community partners, ONIE is able to provide nutritious recipes and educational materials, including distributing nutrition calendars to elementary schools across the state and recipe cards to farm markets based on the types of local produce available for that season.

With the community’s help carrying their message online and off, through in-kind donations of items such as food or other needed supplies and volunteering for a variety of community events, there are many ways to get involved.

For more information on education materials and recipes, visit onieproject.org. Or follow on Facebook for the most up-to-date nutrition information and recipes @ONIEproject.

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