When Getting Tired and Sweaty Is a Good Thing 1

Client Finds Her Niche at 
Orangetheory Fitness Moore

Cherie Pope has found her exercise niche at Orangetheory Fitness Moore. She writes:

“My only regret since joining Orangetheory Fitness Moore is that I didn’t join it when I first received the promotional ads. I belonged to another gym at that time and had hit a plateau. I was working out three to four days a week for several hours each day and I was gaining weight and not experiencing increased strength and stamina.

“I decided to try Orangetheory. I was greeted by the staff, and my introductory lesson was with Kyle. I spent a few minutes being oriented to the gym, then had my first class. I decided there was a difference from my normal gym experience. I signed up for the unlimited classes. For the first time in years, I was sore and experiencing exercises my body could not do. My response was to decrease my OTF option to the eight classes a month to allow more recovery between classes, which I don’t think was the best choice. I am back to the unlimited plan.

“First, the coaches are like having my own personal trainer who assist me to perform the exercises correctly and safely and encourage me to challenge myself. Second, the cardiac monitors have allowed me to see that my baseline cardiac strength is improving. To me, that means that my recovery from red zone to orange zone is quicker and that my baseline running or rowing speed to achieve the orange zone has steadily increased. Third, it is the only workout that I have experienced that I sweat for about an hour after I leave the gym.

“I have experienced increased stamina. This is important to me in my work and personal life because I work 16-hour shifts one day a week, and I was finding myself extremely tired at the end of the day. Now I am able to work and not lose a day to sleep ‘resting’. I am attending more theater and movies, going out to eat with friends and family and planning family dinners. I have increased energy to help my mother with her errands and home. I am definitely an older sandwich generation. I need lots of energy.

“After an OTF workout, I am tired and sweaty. During the workout, I practice focusing on my breathing and shut my brain down and listen to the coach. I watch the monitor to determine when my body is challenged and when I need to slow down the exercise. I feel assured that there is a group of experts who are designing the workouts.”