Giving Back to the Community 3


Noble McIntyre of McIntyre Law, with the assistance of the incredible support offered by over 100 member lawyers of the Oklahoma Association for Justice, a group composed of plaintiff attorneys across the state who have dedicated their careers to helping people injured as the result of another’s negligent conduct, has raised more than $500,000 over the past seven years to purchase and supply Oklahoma families with turkeys and meals the week before Thanksgiving.

Working directly with Lawyers Fighting Hunger and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, McIntyre and McIntyre Law will host the Eighth Annual Day of Kindness beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 16, at the McIntyre Law office, located at 8601 South Western Ave., in Oklahoma City.

Organizers anticipate distributing 2,500 turkeys and feeding over 6,000 people hamburgers and hot dogs at the McIntyre Law location. Statewide, the group plans to distribute over 7,500 turkeys at five distribution sites and feed over 20,000 people.

A second turkey give-away is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17, at the law office of David Bernstein, 104 West Gray St., in Norman.

“Our mission is clear: to bring turkey dinners to the families that need them most,” McIntyre said. “That they’re desperately needed is clear: Last year, at the first distribution event at the McIntyre Law offices in Oklahoma City, we started giving out turkeys an hour and a half before the scheduled start time because thousands of people were already there and waiting. One woman had come the night before and waited outside all night to be sure that she got one, and 50 people were in line by 6 a.m. All of the 2,000 turkeys available for distribution at that location were given out in just one hour, though we fed 6,000 hungry people with hamburgers, hot dogs and other treats throughout the day.”

And, while people were thankful and eager to get their free turkeys, some came for the fun, said McIntyre. “We had the Oklahoma Sooners ponies Boomer and Sooner available to see and touch, as well as face-painting and other events for the little ones, in addition to music and a party atmosphere. People felt the spirit of the holiday, and the mood was upbeat and joyous.”

“This means the world to my family,” said one turkey recipient. “I work hard all year to provide for my family, and it’s never easy. Knowing that McIntyre Law is looking out for us, and that they care enough to provide us with a Thanksgiving dinner that we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise is just…. it’s everything.”

“To us, ‘Day of Kindness’ says it all,” McIntyre said. “During the event, people share their stories. Sometimes, they leave us notes of thanks. Mostly, though, we get smiles, or hugs, or tears of joy.

“It’s all about community,” he added. “We are part of this community, and it’s part of us. Anything that we can do to make our neighbors’ lives easier, better or happier is worth it. Of course, we work year-round to help our clients—that’s our job. But, handing someone in need a turkey that will feed his family on Thanksgiving is what truly makes it all matter. We’re so fortunate to be in a position to be able to make this holiday special for thousands of people. We intend to be here, doing this, for years to come.”

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