Agi Lurtz Shares 5


This recipe for Hungarian Galuska and Pörkölt came from Agi Lurtz’s mother, who grew up in Hungary, escaped the war, found a sponsor and became a naturalized American citizen. Agi says her mother typically made the beef version; however she often substitutes chicken as a healthier option and and because it requires far less prep and cooking time. Over the years, she’s added her own touches to the recipe.

Agi has been a Norman resident since the mid 1960s. Her father taught philosophy at the University of Oklahoma and her mother taught religion at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. She is a passionate entrepreneur who works an average of 18 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and another good 10 hours over the weekend. To decompress and relax, she loves to bake and cook. Her husband, Jon, often joins her in the kitchen.