A Time to Cook, 
to Eat and to Give Back

Do you love to cook? It seems that most people can be divided into two camps: those with a real passion for cooking, and those who prefer to just reap the rewards of their labor! I admire those with the desire and talent to lift cooking into an art. In these pages, you’ll read about Norman resident/entrepreneur Agi Lurtz who, despite a demanding work schedule, finds cooking enjoyable, and indeed, relaxing. Fortunately for her family and friends, she loves to share the bounty.

Also in this issue, you’ll read about a metro attorney and law firm that takes “thanks-giving” literally. Working with Lawyers Fighting Hunger and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Noble McIntyre and McIntyre Law will host the Eighth Annual Day of Kindness Nov. 16 at the law office. McIntyre anticipates distributing 2,500 frozen turkeys to area residents who might not otherwise be able to afford to put one on the table, as well as feeding over 6,000 people hamburgers and hot dogs during this noteworthy event.

Are you one of those rare individuals who’s already got their holiday shopping wrapped up? Well, if you’re like me and still have shopping to do, you may want to consider a road trip to Tulsa and environs this month or next. You’ll find many unique shops and boutiques in and around T-Town—and while you’re there, you might as well build in time for some entertainment and good eats. You’ll find some ideas in this month’s Road Trip column.

Other highlights:

  • Ready to get down and party this holiday season? Unfortunately, this is the time of year when many of us also pack on some unwanted pounds. In our Inspired By column this month, you’ll read about a self-described member of the “older sandwich generation” who has discovered the “secret” to greater energy and an improved overall fitness level through membership in a unique fitness center.
  • Do you struggle with depression or tend to hibernate during the winter? In this month’s Healthy Lifestyle column, you’ll learn ways to “winterize your life” for a happier, healthier you. A healthy diet, keeping hydrated, exercising, maintaining a social life, and spending time outdoors in the sunshine are some of the ingredients listed for taking charge of your well-being during the colder months.

Other stories focus on a nonprofit that provides life-sustaining food, formula and diapers for babies and toddlers in times of crisis … because no baby should go hungry, and a Vietnam-era vet and former mechanical engineer who has found tremendous happiness in his retirement years composing and performing his own unique blend of country, pop, folk and rock that he refers to simply as “Americana.”

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!