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Noble Library Taking 
Book Clubs Into High School

One of the ways the Pioneer Library System is serving its communities is through direct outreach to school students.

One such example is at the Noble Public Library, which is partnering with Noble High School on a pair of book discussion clubs for students.

The groups will meet before school, with the Noble High School Book Club meeting at 8 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month. And new on this year’s schedule is a Comics and Graphic Novel Club that meets at the same time the fourth Thursday of most months.

“Some of the biggest movies you see every year are based on comic books,” said Dave Brown, Noble Public Library staff member, who will lead the book discussions. “It is no longer shunned or people stick their nose up and say ‘oh, you’re reading comics.’ It’s gotten a lot more acceptable.”

This will be the third year Brown has represented the library at the high school for a monthly discussion.

“Last year one of our books was about how to read comics,” Brown said. “And we just had such a big turnout for it, the group was really interested in it. So we felt like we could do a group just on graphic novels and comics.”

That’s an area of passion and expertise for Brown, who has worked for the Norman and Noble branches in his time with Pioneer.

Brown put together the presentation “Comic Books as Folklore” based on the use of modern superheroes carrying out the roles of characters from mythological history.

He’s made the presentation for librarians with the Oklahoma Library Association, Tulsa City-County Library System and his own colleagues at Pioneer at the organization’s annual Staff Training Day.

In addition to leading the book groups, Brown will be making that presentation for a mythology lesson at the school later this year.

“For me, this is a blast,” he said. “I’m getting to incorporate this kind of stuff, things I’m really passionate and know a lot about, and share that with students. I’m really happy about getting to do that.”

The library has many program options inside its doors also, including a monthly adult book discussion group, Cover to Cover, which meets at 1 p.m. on the second Thursday of most months.

In October, the library also will host a four-week American Girl Book Club for ages 9 to 12 that will meet after school on Wednesdays.

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