Royal Bavaria's Andy Gmeiner 6

Shares Recipe for Making Wiener Schnitzel

One of the best-known specialties of Viennese cuisine, Wiener Schnitzel is a very thin breaded and pan-fried cutlet traditionally made with veal. The Wiener Schnitzel is one of the national dishes of Austria. A popular variation is made with pork instead of veal, in part because pork is cheaper than veal.

Similarly prepared dishes include the Schnitzel Cordon Bleu, filled with ham and cheese, and the Schnitzel Holstein, topped with Swiss cheese and fried egg. The American chicken-fried steak is often said to be closely related to Wiener Schnitzel, the result of an adaptation of the recipe by German or Austrian immigrants to the Texas Hill Country to locally available ingredients.

For sides, Andy Gmeiner of Royal Bavaria Restaurant, Brewery and Beergarten suggests German potato salad and home-fried potatoes. Schnitzel, he adds, goes well with a German lager beer or weizen (wheat) beer.

Guten appetit (enjoy your meal)!