Discover Local Talent, 
Rediscover Your Own

As a child and through my teens, I loved to draw. I immersed myself first in drawing horses, later moving to people and other subjects. Pen-and-ink was my favorite medium, though I dabbled a bit in charcoal as well as oils. Somewhere along the way, I quit drawing (except for the occasional doodle). Now that I’m “retired,” I am again hearing that siren call to put all those images in my head to paper or canvas.

I’m guessing many of you share similar experiences. Perhaps you loved to draw or paint or carve, but you either moved on to other interests or were told you “just weren’t good enough.” Perhaps tap or ballet or ballroom dancing rocked your world, but you set it aside for more practical pursuits. Whether your passion was for photography or poetry, songwriting or quilting, or something entirely different, I bet there are times when you wish you had continued to pursue and hone that talent.

We’re fortunate in this community to have numerous creatives, a fair share of whom took the plunge and returned to their true passion after either a brief or lengthy hiatus. You’ll find many artists’ work in local galleries. Is music or poetry more your thing? Check online for weekly listings for band performances and poetry readings at local coffeehouses, restaurants and other venues. Arts festivals can be found many months of the year up and down I-35 (think the Assistance League of Norman’s May Fair and the Festival of the Arts/Paseo Arts Festival in OKC). And of course, the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City Community College offer a wealth of concerts and recitals and dramatic/comedic productions.

Venture outside your routine and attend an exhibit opening or the 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk. Attend a poetry reading at a local coffeehouse. Art surrounds us, and there’s simply no better way to get inspired.

And to those of you who once aspired to be an artist, musician or performer, why not pick up a few art supplies, a guitar or some ballet shoes and give it another go? It needn’t be the art form you pursued as a child. Channel your creativity into something you can easily pursue and enjoy, be it gardening/landscaping, cooking or other endeavor. Go ahead, kick it up a notch!