More Than Just Words for This Local Mortgage Bank

In Moore, a local business is proving that you can give back to the community both in and out of the office.

Norman native Kelly Pensoneau launched Lincoln Lending, a local mortgage bank, in the spring of 2014 after several years working in the industry. However, prior to becoming a success in the mortgage world, he spent 10 years working for the state of Oklahoma in child support enforcement (DHS) and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, where he developed his true passion–helping those in need.

In mid-2013, Pensoneau and his wife, Sara, began seriously considering how to get involved with serving through the foster care system. After being introduced to the 111 Project and becoming more aware of the desperate need for foster parents, the Pensoneaus decided to go for it.

“We were trying to determine our role in the world in terms of helping others, and we just kept coming back to foster care,” Pensoneau says. After going through the approval process with DHS, three young siblings were placed into the couple’s care early in 2014.

Fast-forward three years: these special children have recently been adopted and are officially part of the Pensoneau family! The couple joyfully shares their story to anyone willing to lend an ear.

“I want people to realize that there is a need for foster parents out there,” Pensoneau says. “And that they can be a part of it!” his wife exclaims. “We aren’t anything special. You don’t have to have a master’s degree or be a pediatrician or a teacher or anything like that. You just need to love these children and provide for their needs. By letting them into your world, you are giving them the world.”

For the employees of Lincoln Lending, the desire to help children and families in need doesn’t begin and end with the president. Over the past few years, a culture of caring and service has been created within the business. Employees participate in or support local organizations like Luggage with Love and CASA.

Office manager Mike Price sums it up this way: “Caring and service are an integral part of what we are being shown here at Lincoln Lending. I love working for an employer who clearly understands compassion and kindness. It’s easy to then want to extend that same kindness to others.”

But how does a warm and fuzzy story about foster care and adoption relate to Lincoln Lending’s role as a local business? For Lincoln Lending, giving back is not simply tied to foster care or any other noble cause; the true and deeper desire is simply to serve others.

When it comes to mortgages, many people have no idea where to begin. This opens up the possibility of being left dissatisfied, confused or taken advantage of. Lincoln Lending’s goal is to successfully guide people through the home-buying process by using a personalized approach and meeting each specific client’s needs.

“We’re here to help our clients, no matter what stage of the process they are in,” Pensoneau explains. “Unfortunately, schools don’t usually teach you about buying a home, so a lot of people end up a little lost. That is where we come in.”

Through educating clients on their options, accommodating them by meeting on their time, and communicating throughout the entire process, the team at Lincoln Lending strives to value and serve their fellow Oklahomans in order to help them achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Pensoneau says, “To truly help someone, you have to be trustworthy. We work to build that kind of trust with our clients so they know we are looking out for their specific needs and interests.”

Former clients echo this sentiment. Shanna Vincent, a first-time home buyer, observed that, “Lincoln Lending is incredibly people-centric; rather than feeling like just another file, we always felt cared for in a way that made the deeply personal process of buying a home more comforting.”

While the Lincoln Lending team is driven to serve others through joyful stories like the adoption of the Pensoneau kids, they are also driven to serve their clients through successful home-buying experiences like Vincent’s. The Pensoneaus and the entire team are committed to giving back to their community. Whether that means opening their homes to those in need or helping families get into a home of their own, they are willing to do what it takes to accomplish just that.