Want to Buy Low and Sell High? 6

Realtors Can Make It Happen

If you want the best deal when buying or selling your home, nothing beats the assistance of a qualified, professional Realtor. These benefits were on full display during a number of recent transactions in the Arbor Lakes development, in Norman’s far northwest corner.

Built in the 2000s, the homes were among the first to feature the open floor plans and high-end fixtures that remain popular with buyers today. They’re also a perfect example of the type of affordable housing that’s helping draw more people to Oklahoma, said ReMax Realtor Mark Calhoun.

“Oklahoma’s economy and real estate have remained quite robust due to the lower cost of living, affordable housing, low crime and friendly disposition of Oklahomans,” Calhoun said. “Probably 50 percent of my clients are moving here from other states that do not offer what Oklahoma has to offer.”

Whatever the current market, enlisting the help of a Realtor makes the process go much more swiftly and smoothly, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling a home, Calhoun said. This process doesn’t involve just listing and showing the home–Realtors perform nearly 200 critical items of service, which extend from pre-listing meetings and market research to follow-up assistance post-closing.

“Many people are not cognizant of the expertise, professional knowledge and just plain hard work that go into bringing about a successful real estate transaction,” Calhoun said. “In addition to being my client’s advocate and friend throughout the process, as a Realtor I provide true value during the course of a real estate transaction.”

Clients definitely agree. “We had to move our house quickly to secure funding for our new home in Portland,” said Leslie Morgan, who with her husband, Paul, recently sold their Arbor Lakes home to move to the West Coast. “Mark had marketing protocols that got the house information blasted out to hundreds of people who would not have seen it if we went for sale by owner.

“My advice is to use the right Realtor–not just any Realtor,” she added. “Most put a stick in the yard and go dark. Use one who actively markets, has connections within the community and can assess the buying/selling situation at first glance. Mark was able to tell us what to expect on his first visit regarding price, timeline and process.”

First-time home buyers Dr. David Hoang, D.D.S., and his fiancée, Ada Shih, also were assisted by Calhoun when they purchased their new home in Arbor Lakes. “There were a lot of things we didn’t know, and Mark was there to enlighten us,” Hoang said. “It was especially nice to have help while you’re negotiating the price with the sellers and finalizing contracts. It’s definitely worthwhile, especially when you find someone you enjoy working with.”

“I love what I do as a Realtor, and I want to serve my clients with passion,” Calhoun said. “I have made many great friends from clients over the years, and truly am grateful.”