Who’s Your Favorite Comic Book Hero?

In this, our “Men’s Issue,” we take a look at comic books, or graphic novels as they are more commonly known today. Writing and reading about this evolving art form led me to think about my personal experiences with comics. I don’t recall reading them very often (most often when visiting my male cousins), but I do remember wishing I could have some of those superpowers, even for a day. Which one? Invisibility? Brute strength? Mind control? The ability to fly or see through things? Tough decision, and I don’t think I ever settled on any one. But the fun’s in the dreaming anyway, right?

I asked on my personal and the magazine Facebook pages the following question: Who was/is your favorite superhero, and why? Here are two of the replies.

Michael Carrier wrote, “Batman was an Earthling. He had no superpowers. He was and orphan and rich. He was amazingly smart and created dozens of fantastic vehicles and gadgets. He was not invulnerable. We all could grow up to be Batman. The Dark Knight could have done anything. He could have been another spoiled rich kid. But he chose to use his fortune for good and to put his life on the line to save others. He was cool, suave, handsome and he didn’t take any lip.”

Michael Bendure wrote, “I’ve been a huge fan of Wolverine most of my life. The idea that he can heal from physical wounds and go berserk on baddies has always strangely appealed to me. I could never get behind the goodie-two-shoes ideas of Superman and Captain America. Wolverine is a dark, pessimistic, reluctant hero who, inevitably, ends up working with a team, though he seems to loathe the idea. I’ve always appreciated his sarcasm, self deprecation, and dark sense of independence.”

Were, or are, you a comics fan? If so, who’s your superhero? Sometimes the answer is surprisingly revealing. Why not pose that question at supper tonight, or at the water cooler at work next week?