Journey 3

Publisher Recounts Orangetheory Experience

In February, Cleveland County Lifestyle publisher Jimmy Darden made a personal commitment to get physically fit. He chose Orangetheory Fitness in Moore to begin that journey.

But after only a few sessions, Darden suffered what he calls “a freak knee injury”, and was sidelined for a time when he had to have surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

On St. Pat’s Day, instead of quaffing green beer, Darden returned to the studio. “When I returned just two weeks after surgery, the coaches were awesome. They constantly checked up on me and gave me modified exercises.”

“In Jimmy’s case,” said OTF coach Kyle Dake, “we started off with a slow progression. Jimmy had a torn meniscus, and once he was cleared, we made sure to stay away from any movements that put too much pressure on that knee. For cardio, we kept the incline down or put him on the bike or strider. When we worked with weights, we stayed away from later movements such as lunges, and when we did squats, we used the TRX straps for stabilization until he was able to do body weight squats, and eventually added weight. I see a lot of previous shoulder injuries and back injuries, and members are always able to get a great workout in with the options we are able to provide.”

Likewise, OTF coaches can accommodate new members with different fitness backgrounds, from the person who is already well-conditioned to the couch potato of many years.

Darden attends three sessions per week, saying he’s motivated not only by the increased strength and tone he’s achieved, but by OTF’s unique atmosphere. “OTF creates a fun family environment where you feel like your fitness comes first and not just a monthly membership that you may or may not use,” he states. “The staff actually miss you when you don’t come. You have a set time to be there, so there’s a sense of urgency, and a commitment to your health is created. A typical session has anywhere from 16 to 24 members working out, half on cardio and half on strength. And it’s all done in a high-energy atmosphere complete with awesome music and an encouraging coach.”

Moore Orangetheory owner Jay Bhakta elaborated on what sets this studio apart. “We’re the first to use heart-rate monitors for a personalized, scientific approach to interval training; this allows members to better track their performance and see results in real time,” says Bhakta. “Our workouts are focused on results; they are scientifically designed to achieve max calorie burn.”

Furthermore, he added, “A recent study by the Mayo Clinic found that high-intensity interval training can reverse the aging process.”

“The workouts are designed to produce quick results,” Dake elaborated. “What makes the workouts superior to other fitness programs is the efficient use of the 55 minutes in-studio. Members can expect to burn anywhere from 500-1,000 calories in a class, and since we focus on cardio/strength training, the workout is well-rounded.”

Darden envisions a long relationship with Orangetheory. “Combining my workouts there along with my mountain biking and hiking, I feel good about my health,” he said. “I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. OTF is like the fountain of youth!”

Orangetheory Fitness, which opened on Jan. 20, is located at 825 SW 19th St., Moore. For more information, call 703.5259 or visit orangetheoryfitness.com.